Zap of Lightning – A Wrist Lite Class!

Zap of Lightning / Wrist Lite <<Class Link

June 23rd, 2024

Happy Summer!! And welcome to all of our new and returning members who have taken me up on dipping into the LBY portal this month! HAPPY TO HAVE YOU. I’d love for you to say Hi in the comments.

This season, I am looking forward to creating new opportunities for us to connect. Running that recent poll was such an uplifting way to hear from you and get your input. 

By the way, see the final poll results below!

As for this week’s practice…

It’s a whole-body affair like so many of these. However, I created it in response to a request for a wrist-free practice. 

This isn’t completely wrist-FREE, but it is definitely KIND on the wrists. 

It’s also peppered with some technical suggestions for creating strength and suppleness in the wrists over the long haul. (I want you to enjoy your practice for decades to come!)

If you’re someone who has battled shoulder pain over the years, you’ll want to keep this one in mind too as it’s decidedly gentle on the shoulders. 

Get in some spinal twisting, balancing, and inner thigh work. 

Fair warning❗️that I have been a tad sore in the groin area since creating this practice about 4 days ago. (Leave it to a Frog pose to do that)


Expect: pranayama; wrist care; progressively deepening spinal twists + leg stretches; 2 inversions — headstand w/ leg play and pincha; adductor openings; splits; fish pose; satisfying, “complete”



The question was: What sounds best for the months of July and August?:

A) 30-45 min classes weekly

B) 60 min classes weekly as usual

C) Alternating between 60 min one week and 30-45 min classes the next

summer schedule pollPin
Updated 8:34am on EST Saturday, June 15 2024

But Don't Jump to Any Conclusion Yet!... Here's What I'm Going to Do:

My original promise on this portal was to bring you 60-minute yoga classes every week. Many of my oldest and most loyal members have emphatically assured me that they still value and rely on these longer classes on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis. For this reason, I don’t want to stray from my original promise! (Spoiler here: I’m not going to! But please read on.)

Nonetheless, it’s clear that a huge chunk of you are expressing a need for shorter options — Ultimately this was a majority of those who voted if you combine A + C. So I am not willing to keep you hangin’ either!! 

For July and August, I am going to publish a 60-min class every week along with a 30-45 “short cut” (edited) version of the class. 

This option, which we’ve been affectionately calling “Option D” comes from long-time member Erika A and was heartily seconded by our own Jim K.

I’m really psyched to bring both the long and short options to you. By the end of August, you should have 9 more short options in the library to play with. 

In September, I’ll ask how it’s been going; but feel free to share your thoughts before that. Best way is to comment on the weekly class posts, or you can email me at info@leighabutleryoga.com.

THANK YOU once again to those who chimed in with your vote and input This has given me a much clearer picture of how you’re using the LBY portal on a regular basis. 

LBY couldn’t have become what it has become without you, and I look forward to co-creating more good yoga and good vibes on the portal. 

Stay in touch!

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Zap of Lightning – A Wrist Lite Class!

19 Responses

  1. Yay a great solution, thank you Leigha! Also, when my old elbow injury flares up I love to do your “Shoulder Saver” practice April 28 2019. Its super mellow on the wrists too 🙂

  2. Hi Leigha and everyone! Lovely class and I am SO looking forward to a beautiful summer of hour long practices, woo hoo! Thank you, Leigha!

  3. Ah, the wrists are thanking you. This class was just an all over, body pleaser for me. Felt light and refreshed, especially in my hips. Wonderful intention and message at the end!! Love love love.

  4. Thank you, Leigha, for another amazing class. I’m so glad we still get longer classes with a shorter 45-minute version.

  5. My legs were sore after a squat/ kick repetition competition we did in my karate class 3 days ago, but I managed to do the flow. I wanted to tell you how proud I was to be one of the last one in the competition!! All thanks to my wonderful yoga teacher and cycling to work.

  6. Thank you so much for offering both full length 60 min classes and a shorter version for those days when you don’t have as much time! I really appreciate you doing so since I am sure it’s more work and editing on your part. Hope everyone here is having a good summer so far <3

  7. Ah! This is so lovely. I have messed up wrists and hypermobile hands, so I use blocks every class- it was really validating to see this practice and the supplemental cues you provided for working on finger strength was so helpful!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I am so glad it’ll come in handy and that you’ve found a way to accommodate yourself!

  8. Good morning Leigha and yogi friends. I really enjoyed this class! I do lots of bike riding this time of year and the attention to the quads was just what I needed. So, I’ll come back to this one a lot. By the way, give yourself congratulations on the conclusion and outcome of the survey. It’s not easy to bring a group process to a result that addresses everyone’s wishes and you’ve done that here. Well done!

  9. Thank you for another wonderful class, Leigha. And I like the idea of same 60 minutes class, with a shorter version.

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