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March 8, 2020

Hi there! This is a practice you can turn to when you want to get right in to a moderate challenge and all-angles opening. There’s a light focus on uddiyana bandha, a visit with strong standing sequencing, heart opening, balance poses, leg-lengthening, an unconventional arm balance and invitations into chin stand and handstand. It’s an especially complete-feeling practice, replete with hip opening, backbending, and twists to finish. Don’t skip the savasana! (J/K: Do what you want. Freedom is hard won. Ain’t no one gonna boss you around.)

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  1. Loved the challenge of bound half moon! Are you using a manduka pro mat? I need an upgrade and can’t decide between that and a liforme. Been saving up for a while so need to spend wisely I practice at least 5 times a week so it would be getting lots of use. Thank you Leigha

    1. I love my manduka pro. Something about the texture and the fact that it’s a “for—life” mat. I have a liforme too but the manduka gets more use.

      1. Thank you! The lifetime guarantee is a very good feature. Thank for your advice and for keeping me grounded with your beautiful flows during this turbulent time x

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