The fifth chakra, Vishuddha, is the locus of communication.When this chakra is in balance, you can easily convey your needs to loved ones. Your deep desires are heard, and understanding prevails.

The Fifth Chakra

Location  The throat

Color  Blue

Seed Sound (Bija Mantra) HAM

Element  Ether


When in balance

When out of balance

Yoga to stimulate vishuddha

There are so many ways to stimulate the throat in yoga.

You can, for instance, close it off to stimulate and tone it.

You can chant, hum, vocalize or whisper.

Or you can stretch it long to open it and get the energy moving.

Poses & their energetics 

The Chin Lock – Jalandhara Bandha
Be Your Own Support – Hands Interlaced behind the Head
Healing Vocalization

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