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May 30, 2020

Take a purifying journey that builds internal heat and stretches you beyond your limits in a responsible and mindfully paced way.

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This one’s for YOU

March 8, 2020

Hi there! This is a practice you can turn to when you want to get right in to a moderate challenge and all-angles opening. There’s a light focus on uddiyana bandha, a visit with strong standing sequencing, heart opening, balance poses, leg-lengthening, an unconventional arm balance and invitations into chin stand and handstand.

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for love of The Flow

Feb 16, 2020

This one moves along like a ride. It’ll have you breathing and moving at a body & heart rhythm that feels primal and right. Appropriate for many levels, it brings you into sweet-feeling side body lengthening, a leg-strengthening balance routine, and ultimately: splits practice, an arm balance, opportunities to get upside down, and creative use of the wall for heart opening.

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In this practice we remember what’s important — staying in touch with the ever-present peace within us. But don’t let the thumbnail fool you. We still move through a heat-building flow that includes postures like forearm stand with hanumanasana, rotated half moon w/ chapasana, wheel, fallen triangle, side plank with half lotus, pigeon and king pigeon, wheel with elbows down, foot behind the head and more.… Read More “Peace”

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