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side body love

Dec 20, 2020

This practice addresses some of your sore QLs, as a couple of you described. The Quadratus Lumborum are two muscles that lie deep in your flank area — sort of a back muscle, sort of a core muscle.

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nadi rinse

Nov 22, 2020

Get the weight of the world off your shoulders with this energetically cleansing practice. Breathe space to clear out the major nadis — side bodies and central channel — with twisting, extra-deep folds, hip work, pike hops & heart openers.

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for love of The Flow

Feb 16, 2020

This one moves along like a ride. It’ll have you breathing and moving at a body & heart rhythm that feels primal and right. Appropriate for many levels, it brings you into sweet-feeling side body lengthening, a leg-strengthening balance routine, and ultimately: splits practice, an arm balance, opportunities to get upside down, and creative use of the wall for heart opening.

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Side Body Magic

This class digs into the side body. It brings length into the waist, the side ribs, the lateral arms and outer, upper legs. It’s amazing how much this part of the body can get ignored, and it can feel so freeing to get roomier there.… Read More “Side Body Magic”

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