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Feb 7, 2021

Grab two blocks for this class that emphasizes hip flexor, hamstring & shoulder opening. If you’re not a fan of precise, thorough cuing, this may not be your class (!).

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mellow healing

Dec 5, 2020

We have a mellow flow this week that focuses on opening the shoulders and hips. Enjoy this sweet and feel-good practice. Stay in touch!

Expect: shoulders, mobility, flexion, side angle variation, transitions, moderate, hips, gomukasana, pigeon, lizard variation, prone shoulders, prone insect

How are you doing?

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king dancer

Nov 7, 2020

Enhance shoulder and spine mobility with this practice that leads to King Dancer AKA Nataraj. Reap the benefit of a systematic warming and lengthening of key body parts — like the hip flexors, chest, and shoulders.

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Shoulder Saver

Even the most impressively aligned yoga asana practitioners suffer wear and tear in their shoulder joints. This is a practice you can turn to when your shoulders could use a healthy break.… Read More “Shoulder Saver”

Shoulder Love

This practice begins at the top of the mat, offering a respectful warm-up before bringing you through a slow-burning Vinyasa that places special emphasis on freeing the shoulders. It’s a complete-feeling class.… Read More “Shoulder Love”


The best kind of yoga invites prana into every corner of the human form. Certain hubs of the body — like the shoulders, hips and heart — tend to get stuffy, making it difficult for them to feel wholly free and light.… Read More “Freedom”

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