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Feb 7, 2021

Grab two blocks for this class that emphasizes hip flexor, hamstring & shoulder opening. If you’re not a fan of precise, thorough cuing, this may not be your class (!).

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Jan 17, 2021

Hi friends, This one felt great to make, and I hope it feels just as amazing for you. When I got to savasana, I felt like I could stay there forever, sipping the Beyond.
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king dancer

Nov 7, 2020

Enhance shoulder and spine mobility with this practice that leads to King Dancer AKA Nataraj. Reap the benefit of a systematic warming and lengthening of key body parts — like the hip flexors, chest, and shoulders.

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Upper Backbending

Healthy backbends span the whole of the back. Naturally kyphotic (or rounded), the lumbar spine is often the last to become mobile in extension (backbend) exercises. This class pays special attention to guiding your backbend upward, freeing the heart, and creating healthy, natural movement for the whole spine.… Read More “Upper Backbending”

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