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This week I offer something a little different:: I am really hearing those of you who need a 30-min option! That’s why I’ve recorded two shorter practices — one an energizing, workout-style class, the other a calm hip flexor release. //

To those who love the 60-min option best:: Don’t worry! I’ll continue to offer primarily 60-min flows w/ some 20-40-min options here and there for when you’re short on time. Have a great week, everyone!


Low Back Love

Nov 25, 2018

This class is especially great for anyone who wants to protect, strengthen, open and stabilize the lower back. With precision cuing and a mindful pace, you’ll hear reminders to engage the deep core, to strengthen the upper-back (thereby relieving overuse stress), and to fire the low gluteals, which can easily go underutilized.

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Sweet Hips

Open your inner and outer hips with this practice, which begins with passive, reclined poses and ends with hearty Vinyasa.

Binds are in the mix along with an opportunity for chin stand.… Read More “Sweet Hips”

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