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Thoracic Mobility

One of the consequences of aging and modern life is a creeping tightness in the thoracic spine. It’s quite a challenge to keep this section of the back as mobile as it was when we were little kids who hadn’t yet developed decades-long habits like too much sitting and slouching.… Read more


Yoga for the Heart Chakra


The Fourth Chakra

The fourth chakra is the seat of compassion, generosity, and ecstasy.

When this chakra is functioning in a healthy way, it is easy to recognize yourself in others. Their struggles become yours, their faults are the kind you can forgive, and their well-being is as important to you as your own.… Read more

dancers pose, heart opener

Moving from the Heart

What does it mean to move from the heart?

💫To move from my heart means to move from the place of knowing that lies beneath the desires of my ego and the chatter of my mind.

💫 It means to move in a way that is authentic to my own body and its needs, accounting for its history, its sensitivities, its strong & weak spots and not someone else’s.… Read more