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Hi there yogis, 

Covid-19 made its touchdown into my household this week. For this reason, I offer up a Yin class — the practice I was able to turn to even feeling under the weather. Expecting full recoveries. Have a great week. ~Leigha



July 25, 2020

Begin in a cocoon and end up expansive and transformed. This is a relatively mellow but well-balanced practice that offers an especially deep stretch for the legs and gradually warms you up toward a pinnacle King Cobra.

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Gratitude Flow

Dec 1st, 2019

Hi yogis! Having a gratitude practice is one of the most essential ways one Harvard professor, Tal Ben Shahar, says we create our happiness. This flow carries you through the body’s major ranges of motion and is imbued throughout with a sense of thanks.

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King Dancer

May 19, 2019

In this backbendy practice, you’ll build responsibly and fluidly toward a pinnacle shape, king dancer (Natarajasana). You’ll visit with “flip the grip,” a way to bring your foot toward your head, from all fours and then in pigeon pose before finally executing it in dancer.

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