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Flow through the Chakras

One of the really special aspects of the chakra system, which ultimately culminates in liberation, is that each energy center builds on the next. In this practice, we move through the chakras in order — establishing, stimulating and balancing each one before we move to the next.… Read More “Flow through the Chakras”

Handstand Play – Flow

This class offers some handstand practice in the midst of mindful flowing. It also visits with forearm stand, side plank, pigeon, and backbends.

King Dancer

In this backbendy practice, you’ll build responsibly and fluidly toward a pinnacle shape, king dancer (Natarajasana). You’ll visit with “flip the grip,” a way to bring your foot toward your head, from all fours and then in pigeon pose before finally executing it in dancer.… Read More “King Dancer”

Holy Burn Vinyasa Flow

This practice has a little bit of everything. Stretches, strengthening, balance, side plank variations, an arm balance sequence, forearm stand, hip opening and backbends. Pinnacle shapes include Side Plank w/ a Bound Half Lotus and an Ashtavakrasana (8-angled arm balance) sequence.… Read More “Holy Burn Vinyasa Flow”

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