Mar 21, 2021

Grab a block or two for this whole-body treatment that’ll warm the legs and open the psoas. It’s a steady, approachable flow with an opportunity for a second series headstand. Emphasis on strengthening the abdominal wall. Enjoy!

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  1. I have a pair of “Gaiam” blocks that I bought from Target and WOW. Buying actual blocks instead of using various substitutes really allowed me to make some dramatic progress in my practice. This was awhile ago that I made this discovery, but I highly recommend actual yoga blocks to anyone who was stubborn like I was and used other props instead.

  2. HI! After 25 years of practice I finally purchased a pair of Gaia Blocks. Best 7.00$ I ever spent. I honestly do not know what took me so long. I now seek out practices that incorporate blocks.

  3. I hate props! LOL. It’s just hard to manage more objects in my home so I always adapt the practices to do without. I used no prop and the pose still seemed to work well.

    1. I was stubborn for many years about actually having to buy these “useless” foam blocks that would only ever be used for yoga, but, I can honestly say, they are one of the best purchases I’ve made in my life. They allowed me to hold and relax my body in positions that I didn’t realize I wasn’t able to without them. It’s subtle, the slight change in form it allows, but it feels like “cheating” with how much progress I’ve made after I folded and bought my blocks… for $7, from Target. I use them every other day which is more often that I use things I’ve bought for 100x as much and take up 20x as much space. Anyhoo–I just wanted to reply back to you because it blew my mind to buy my own blocks and see that my progress accelerated. 😀

  4. I want to say hello to everyone from Germany!
    I only did this class yesterday, normally I can’t wait that long.
    I m 59 and started last year with your classes, i see a lot of progress but I’m still fighting with chaturanga and stepping forward between my arms. so this class was perfect for me, thank you very much. it’s unbelievable i couldn’t do wheel with the block between my legs! my blocks are made of cork and i love them.
    One last question, would you please also host the classes on YouTube. YouTube works much better with my device. that would be really great.
    Have a great week, thanks so much again for this wonderful flow (✿ ♡‿♡)

  5. Thanks for another lovely class! I have two blocks that I use frequently. I also use a pillow for pigeon pose to make it extra comfy. As far as other props go, I have a strap and a wheel that I use rarely, and a bolster that I should use more often.

  6. Oooh my hips felt so good after this! I did some frog/middle splits practice after as my hips and legs felt nice and warm! I need to hunt through your classes for a class based on those postures. Thank you for a calming and opening class, with some core challenges too

  7. I have four foam blocks that I’ve inherited from people and I use them ALL the time! I consider myself on the more “open” side but I incorporate them even when not suggested. Thanks for another awesome class, Leigha!

  8. I love all your classes, thank you! I do have a couple of yoga blocks… they really can change the dynamics… thanks again!

  9. oh, yes, so relaxed and stretched. used blocks like yours. thanks so much for this wonderful flow!

  10. This class made my hips SO happy!!
    I do not have a block so I used my empty water jug that was laying right next to me.

  11. Manduka cork block that had some weight for an extra challenge! Loved balancing on it for ‍♀️. Thank you

  12. Hi Leigha. This is a wonderful practice. I particularly liked the boat series seated on a block. Speaking of blocks, we bought two when the studio closed due to the pandemic. It’s been great to have them since so many practices were done at home during the past year. Thanks!

  13. I’ll tell you that it was a rough morning yesterday. I really did not feel like doing that…but I showed up and it made all the difference. Thank you. Very old purple foam block☺

  14. Hi Leigha! Very great practice. It’s a perfect combination of calm but challenging. An amazing way to start the week. Have a great one!

  15. A lovely practice, easy to follow an I liked the boat on block exercise! I used a yoga block between my knees. Have a great Sunday!

  16. I don’t have any blocks, so today I used a fascia roll (little wider than a block, I think) that I also use for propping myself up in splits. In your last practices that required blocks I sometimes used pillows. For the “mobility”class that proved to be a little challenging though 😉
    Nice practice, as always, and good for my tired muscles after “posterior core” yesterday…

  17. Sweet practice today 🙂
    I used blocks, i love my blocks haha i use them a lot.
    I have a wheel and a strap to but use them very rarely.

  18. Ah great mellow but as always a sneaky challenge in there! I used a foam block for the core work. I love a bit of core work. Using the block to balance on in boat was cheeky too I loved it and so grateful to my body for being able to complete another class.
    Have a great week everyone ‍♀️‍♀️

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