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Apr 5, 2020

When the global community is stressed, the body tends to hold that imprint. As self-care medicine, you’ll find here feel-good sequencing, hip opening, and heart opening. You’ll also strengthen the whole frame with handstand press drills and lengthen the hip flexors with splits. Great to have you. Stay safe. Say Hi.

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  1. I found this class so releasing and opening in so many ways – thank you! The transition to sitting was difficult! It’s interesting when you said ‘how much can you trust yourself’ I thought…I’m not sure! Will need to check in with that I think. Thanks Leigha

  2. I remember very well when I did this practice one year ago… thank you so much for being a resource of stability and self-care during these challenging months! It helps soooo much.
    Press is still tough, but maybe there is small progress! Tipping back from forward fold still feels a little far off – let’s see where I’m at in one year’s time 😉
    Have fun with the cartwheels @Lorraine, sounds amazing!

  3. Thanks! Love the flow into the splits. Practiced gymnastics in my early years. The handstand to wall was beneficial as well. I’m revisiting my cartwheels on bth sides all because of you…it’s helping me with my confidence.

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