Welcome to your Feel-Good Quotient:

Answer as honestly as you can, and pick the answers that strike you as MOST true. Use the slide bar to toggle along the spectrum from "Not Good At All" to "Amazing." On mobile, this works best in landscape mode.

There are 22 questions, and the answers are weighted.

This survey was designed to help you assess your current "Feel-Good Quotient" so that you can make a plan for how you're going to live the life of your dreams. It's not diagnostic nor is it particularly scientific. It's for YOU to gain insight and put that insight into ACTION.

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Thanks for assessing your "FEEL-GOOD QUOTIENT." We believe that all beings — and that means YOU — deserve the chance to live to their fullest potential in this lifetime. This survey was designed to help you assess where you're at currently so that you can put a plan in place for where it is you'd like to go. May you live long, prosper, and make your powerful impact on the world! Hit that button for your results.

Leigha Butler

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