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Get your press handstand over the course of 12 weeks

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Receive a new training schedule each week for 12 weeks w/ in-depth video tutorials for each new exercise.
Follow along with two 20-minute flows each week to assist your journey to handstand press.
Get a detailed look at what has to happen anatomically in order for you to press. Learn the most common areas that prevent practitioners from pressing. Identify key areas to work on in your own practice.
1) You can kick up + fall out of handstand confidently
2) You can hold a handstand at the wall for 1 min+
3) You have no major injuries that would hinder your progress
4) You are 100% committed
Am I ready to train the press? See preqs
How much time do I need? 30+ mins/day for 3 mos
For how long do I have the online course? For life
Is this fully online? Yes
When does it start? Rolling admission
How much is it? See below


About Leigha Butler Yoga, LBY

Hi 👋🏽 I’m Leigha Butler, long-time yogi and handstander.

It’s my greatest joy to guide people toward the strongest versions of themselves. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing students of all ages surprise themselves by just how strong they are. 

I took the long route to press, but you don’t have to because my 12-week press handstand program distills everything I’ve learned into an incredibly efficient way to build the press. 

My greatest pride is that this is a program that ACTUALLY GETS YOU THERE. If you run into bumps and hurdles along the way, please understand that that is PART OF THE JOURNEY and we are here for you!! 

I look forward to cheering you on ⸺ on the other side! 


✌🏽 Leigha


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“The weekly exercises were so expertly curated to guide us toward vertical that pressing up into handstand just kind of happened. I feel like it snuck up on me because the exercises prepped us so well without me even realizing it was happening.” -Kim

Nita Handstand
Nita Wall Pike Handstand
Marnie L handstand at wall

“In case you can’t tell from my incessant shares on the group page… I love your press program! ,,, Thanks for everything!!! Getting my press was one of my goals before I try to get pregnant next year… I extra love that I feel like it’s helping me prepare my body to be strong for pregnancy and labor.” -Jill 

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What's Included?

  • The whole 12 week program, including:
  • 12 weekly PDF training schedules
  • 2 new 20-min press flows per week
  • Laser-targeted anatomy lessons w/ crystal clear visuals
  • Content drips weekly and then you have it for life
  • Everything you need to unlock your puppy, straddle, and press handstands!


Click here for the option to split it into 2 monthly payments of $249.50

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money back guarantee

If you don’t find the program of incredible value within 14 days, I refund your money in full. No questions asked.