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Improve your handstand in 2 weeks

Build confidence and increase your hang time by spending just 20 minutes a day with my 14 laser-target practices. Complete them in two weeks, or spread them out across a month.

This is what's included:

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Core activation work

Each short practice incorporates handstand-specific core activation work to systematically build strength and control. 

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Targeted warmups

Let’s face it. Your handstand attempts are just better when you’ve warmed and activated exactly the right areas. Each of these 14 flows warms you up specifically for your handstand attempts.

only the smartest wall work for handstand woman

Only the smartest wall work

The wall can be a fabulous tool, as long as we’re not using it as a crutch. Learn my exact routines for building a straighter handstand using the wall.

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Mobility for handstands

Increase your end range of motion strength — especially in shoulders, hips, and legs. Discover how much easier it is to enter and exit handstand when you know the right active stretches to focus on.

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Get coached off the wall

The wall has its limitations when it comes to handstand. Luckily, I have more than a few tricks up my sleeve for weaning yourself off of the wall and into the middle of the room, including a tutorial for falling out of handstand.

About Leigha Butler

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Yogi for life + handstand lover

Hello! I’m a long-time yoga teacher trainer with specialties in yoga philosophy, anatomy, and sequencing. I adore coaching students toward pinnacle poses like arm balances, handstands, and the handstand press — because these are exactly what continue to bring me elation and joy on my own mat. 

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No! You can take as much time as you need to complete the journey. In fact, many people prefer to spread it out across a few months. 

No, this is a ONE-TIME payment.

You should be able to hold a plank for 45 seconds.

You should have no major injuries or conditions that will halt your progress toward handstand.

From Students


"Oh my gosh Leigha!!! ...on only day 3 with you, i had my first proper aligned and connected hang time for about 5 sec before smiling so hard and come down ninja style laughing hard at such accomplishment!!!! Oh my gosh thank you for these pearls!!!!"

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The gift of yoga

3 plans offered through the holidays only!