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Handstand is elusive for a lot of yoga practitioners. It doesn’t have to be.


LB's Body Mind Mastery L

Build a rock-solid handstand in as little as 21 days using our systematic, step-by-step process.

LB Straddle Handstand

Hi, I’m Leigha Butler.

I’m thrilled to share my proven process for getting you on your hands comfortably and reliably.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of floating. Everyone should get to experience it.

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Anatomy of a Handstand - 10 HotSpots

unless you care to...

Unlock an effortless handstand.


Blast past current plateaus in your yoga practice & learn how to float.


Build the strongest core you’ve ever had.


Develop strength, mobility & mental clarity in equal measure.

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Nuts & Bolts


✔️ THE PROGRAM 12 weeks of video programming, giving you everything you need to unlock handstand as safely and efficiently as possible. 

✔️ THE COACHING Weekly LIVE calls w/ Leigha to keep you accountable and progressing!! Get real-time feedback and the good cheer of your peers.

✔️ WORLD-CLASS SUPPORT Stay aboard for as long as you need to to achieve your desired outcome.

✔️ *CHECKPOINT CHALLENGES* Build your handstand w/ a little help from Checkpoint Challenge postures along the way.


"The weekly exercises were so expertly curated to guide us towards vertical that pressing up into handstand just kind of happened- I feel like it snuck up on me because the exercises prepped us so well without me even realizing it was happening."
Kim C
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Side Effects Include:

A cataclysmic boost in strength, mobility & mindset

An altered relationship with gravity

The sudden ability to float

Rock solid confidence

YOGA House in Kingston, NY


Yes. Two skills are needed.

  1. You can kick up to handstand at the wall and hold for 30 seconds.
  2. You can hold plank position for 45 seconds.

Expect to put in 20-45 mins per day, 5 days per week for the duration of the course.

Yes. This is a very focused, specific and thorough training. We isolate and activate each muscle of hand-balancing and build a solid foundation before progressing systematically.

You’ll have access to anatomy lessons and targeted training routines that are customizable depending on your specific circumstance.

Another difference is that I am invested in you throughout the process to ensure that you are staying accountable and progressing.

The price is on par with a U.S. teacher training or week-long yoga retreat. I don’t share pricing specifics on the web because I want to make sure you’re a good fit for the program before I invite you in. That’s the reason I conduct mastery session on the phone and on Zoom.

If I don’t think I can help you, I will tell you so without a qualm and have done so numerous times before. 

The level of commitment I need from you is roughly the same level of commitment I needed from my teacher trainees when I used to conduct YTTs. If this were a couple hundred dollars, I would not get the commitment from you that is necessary to break into a next layer of practice (and, frankly, of life!).

Yes. We currently have a group that includes a student from Russia, students from Canada, and a student from India.

I don’t. In the past I taught teaching methodology, but I am now exclusively offering this Body Mind Mastery program and my LBY membership (a new 60 min Vinyasa class released every Sunday).

That said, many of my handstand mastery students have a yoga teaching background, and some sign up partially so that they can see effective online yoga teaching in action. If you want to learn how to teach from a teacher, you can do that by watching their teaching in action!

This depends on your goals. I have a current student who has already hit her straddle press goal and is now setting her sights on pike press. Other students just want to be able to kick up and hold a handstand in the middle of the room with confidence.

I work with you to set your initial goal, and then once you reach it, I’ll encourage you to take the next step if you’re game.

The journey toward handstand or press handstand is fraught with obstacles, not least of which come directly from your own mind. Like Arjuna on the battlefield, there is a deep digging inward that must be done before you can see a substantial up-leveling in your hand-balancing skills. The whole process mirrors the yoga aspirant’s journey toward ultimate freedom.

Here’s a list of Pantanjali (Yoga Sutras)-approved side effects of mastering handstand:

+ MENTAL FOCUS (cannot be underestimated. Review dharana and dhyana in the 8-limbed path)

+ CLARITY (self-doubt, misinformation, excuse-making, old patterns and sideshow temptations will all conspire to get in your way. You must quiet the mind in order to balance steadily and reliably.)

+ GETTING OVER OBSTACLES (ego, aversion, fear, ignorance, and attachment all figure in this journey. Overcoming them in this playing field helps you overcome them on the spiritual battlefield.)

Some arrive to the training believing that their arms are too weak or their core is too weak or that their pelvic floor is shot. The truth is, the process of building your handstand is the process of building every bit of your core, shoulder girdle, and overhead pushing strength.

The UPSHOT is: A stronger core means LESS weight-bearing in your arms/shoulders/hands. You’ll learn the most efficient technique for making use of weight distribution and whole-body engagement so that your body parts are working in unison.

We ALL have our weak and strong spots. The journey of handstand is exactly the way to bring the body into beautiful balance.

Depends on the injury. How serious is it? Where is it? This is something we can talk about on the phone, or shoot me an email at info@leighabutleryoga.com

I offer a $200 discount for LBY members and a $1,000 Fast Action Advantage for people who sign up right on their Mastery call.

Why the Fast Action Advantage? …Because I find again and again that the people who are the most successful in the program are the ones who are decisive and ready to take action right out of the gate. Wafflers, over-thinkers, and the “I have to sleep on it” folks tend to lack the commitment, drive, and action-taking characteristics required to see the journey through.

I don’t say the above to be mean or heartless. I actually say it as a dyed-in-the-wool recovering “sleep-on-it” type myself!! I’ve just learned (and SEEN) that when you’re ready, you’re ready, and if you’re unsure, then you’re going to spend much of the training unsure.

Uncertainty and wishy-washy-ness do not a handstand make.

If you’re serious and the timing is right, now, then let’s talk.


Yes. This is Kim’s complete, unedited testimonial:

1. What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from signing up for this program? 
Fear of destabilization.  I’m quite compulsive about my training and feel anxious if I destabilize my exercise routine. I was worried about not having the time to integrate the program into my existing workouts, but the idea of working with Leigha was too tempting to resist.  I remember telling a friend I’d signed up for the program and she responded, “Omg you must be over the moon, you’re a total Leigha fangirl!”.  Truth.

2. What are the top 3 things you learned as a result of buying this program? 
Leigha’s training helped me connect to a whole new level of body awareness.  Previously I would come across a video of yoga or pole pose that took my breath away and enthusiastically attempt it on my own.  If I couldn’t stick the pose, I had no path forward- I didn’t understand my body well enough to hone in on my goals.  

Now when I aspire to master an asana, I can identify the stuck points in my body that are preventing me from unlocking the pose.  This has been transformative because it’s reframed my mindset from “Seriously, there’s no way I’ll ever be able to do that.” to “I can totally do that, I just need to work on x, y, and z”.  

3. What specific part of the program benefited you the most? 
Ooo I don’t think I can choose just one.  Every aspect of the program perfectly builds on the others.  

I’m so appreciative of the program’s foundational approach.  I loved learning relevant and function-focused anatomy each week in preparation for focusing our training on that area of the body.  

The weekly exercises were so expertly curated to guide us towards vertical that pressing up into handstand just kind of happened- I feel like it snuck up on me because the exercises prepped us so well without me even realizing it was happening.  

I loved the group format of the program- it was inspiring and so helpful to see the challenges and triumphs of the other members on their journey.  Our group was super encouraging and down to earth.  We helped keep each other motivated and accountable.

4. Why would you recommend this program to others? 
I know it’s all about the journey.  I try to remind myself of this every day.  But not only is this program an incredible journey, it also delivers practice-(and life-)changing results!!!  I had been stuck in the “I’m never going to stick vertical, and I’m mad at anyone who makes it look easy” rut for years, and now after 12 weeks I feel like I can float!!!  And more importantly, this journey has given me the confidence to stop the “I’m never…” style thinking.  

5. What would you say to someone who is afraid to get started? Do you want to feel like a peak human?  Then get started!

6. Is there anything you’d like to add? I think I covered it all!!

Thanks for asking for this testimonial, it was actually a great reflection opportunity for me as well.  I didn’t realize how far I had come until I thought back at where I’d started.  Thank you so so so much for the opportunity to be part of your amazing program!!! <3<3<3

Effortless Handstand = Mental Mastery

The recipe for whole-life radiance


The *centerpiece* of our work together since:

Mastery of the body necessitates mastery of the mind.

  • Build your handstand skill systematically → from the ground up.
  • Build an insanely strong core that is capable of doing handstands, presses, and arm balance transitions…
  • WITH a level of ease, grace, and fluidity that you will be surprised to learn are possible!!
  • Establish your foundation the right way before building on.


The *key* that will unlock handstand for many of you.

  • Work on the exact areas that are holding you back from comfortable execution of pinnacle asanas. For instance:
  • The hamstrings, hips, hip flexors, thoracic spine, shoulders, chest & wrists.
  • Learn how to create the deep compression that makes press handstand feel easy.
  • For the hyper-mobile among you: Create stability and strength to stay safe in end ranges of motion.
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3 - MIND

The *catalyst* that propels you into the next horizon of your practice and your life.

  • Discover how the mind sabotages your efforts, and learn to stop the self sabotage.
  • Uncover self-limiting beliefs you didn’t realize you had.
  • Apply ancient wisdom to your daily life and finally get out of your own way.
  • Experience a mindset shift that changes the way you roll in the WORLD 🌏
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Handstand Improves All Layers of the Yoga Practice

Our students are unlocking other poses as well...



Kim Puppy
Kim Wall Pike
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Nita Handstand
Nita Wall Pike Handstand


Two skills needed.

  • You can kick up to handstand at the wall and hold for 30 seconds
  • You can hold plank position for 45 seconds.

3 Qualities Required:

Could you be a good fit?

👆🏾Does the above describe you?

If so...

The next steps are:

STEP 1 – Sign up to view a presentation showing you how my students are having success —even though nothing else had been able to get them over their plateau.

STEP 2 – Fill out a brief application.

STEP 3 – Book your free strategy session w/ me to talk about your practice goals & see whether you’re a good fit for the program.


The gift of yoga

3 plans offered through the holidays only!