Handstand is elusive for a lot of yoga practitioners. It doesn’t have to be.


LB's Body Mind Mastery L

Build a rock-solid handstand in as little as 21 days using our systematic, step-by-step process.

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Hi, I’m Leigha Butler.

I’m thrilled to share my proven process for getting you on your hands in no time.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of floating. Everyone should get to experience it.

Leigha Butler
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Watch this 12-minute presentation for full program details:

Anatomy of a Handstand - 10 HotSpots

unless you care to...

Unlock an effortless handstand.


Blast past current plateaus in your yoga practice & learn how to float.


Build the strongest core you’ve ever had.


Develop strength, mobility & mental clarity in equal measure.

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Nuts & Bolts


✔️ THE PROGRAM 12 weeks of video programming, giving you everything you need to unlock handstand as safely and efficiently as possible. 

✔️ THE COACHING Weekly LIVE calls w/ Leigha to keep you accountable and progressing!! Get real-time feedback from Leigha along with the good cheer of your peers.

✔️ THE SUPPORT Stay aboard for as long as you need to to achieve your desired outcome.

✔️ *CHECKPOINT CHALLENGES* Build your handstand w/ a little help from Checkpoint Challenge postures along the way.


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Effortless Handstand = Mental Mastery

The recipe for whole-life radiance


The *centerpiece* of our work together since mastery of the body necessitates mastery of the mind.

  • Build your handstand skill systematically → from the ground up.
  • Build an insanely strong core that is capable of doing handstands, presses, and arm balance transitions…
  • WITH a level of ease, grace, and fluidity that you will be surprised to learn are possible!!
  • Establish your foundation the right way before building on.


The *key* that will unlock handstand for many of you.

  • Work on the exact areas that are holding you back from comfortable execution of pinnacle asanas. For instance:
  • The hamstrings, hips, hip flexors, thoracic spine, shoulders, chest & wrists.
  • Create the deep compression required of press handstand.
  • For the hyper-mobile among you: Create stability and strength to stay safe in end ranges of motion.
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3 - MIND

The *catalyst* that propels you into the next horizon of your practice and your life.

  • Discover how the mind sabotages your efforts, and learn to stop the self sabotage.
  • Uncover self-limiting beliefs you didn’t realize you had.
  • Apply ancient wisdom to your daily life and finally get out of your own way.
  • Experience a mindset shift that changes the way you roll in the WORLD 🌏
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Side Effects Include:

A cataclysmic boost in strength, mobility & mindset

An altered relationship with gravity

The sudden ability to float

Rock solid confidence

Handstand Improves All Layers of the Yoga Practice

Our students are unlocking other poses as well...



Kim Puppy
Kim Wall Pike
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Nita Handstand
Nita Wall Pike Handstand


Two skills needed.

  • You can kick up to handstand at the wall and hold for 30 seconds
  • You can hold plank position for 45 seconds.

Qualities Required:

Could you be a good fit?

👆🏾Does the above describe you?

If so...

The next steps are:

STEP 1 – Fill out a brief application

STEP 2 – Book your free strategy session w/ me to talk about your handstand goals.

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