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Build your press handstand over the course of 12 weeks.

I just gave the Press Handstand Program a major update. Now, it’s a leaner, meaner press-making machine.

press handstand course
Receive a new training schedule each week for 12 weeks w/ in-depth video tutorials for each new exercise.
Follow along with two 20-minute flows each week to assist your journey to handstand press.
Get a detailed look at what has to happen anatomically in order for you to press. Learn the most common areas that prevent practitioners from pressing. Identify key areas to work on in your own practice.
1) You can kick up + fall out of handstand confidently
2) You can hold a handstand at the wall for 1 min+
3) You have no major injuries that would hinder your progress
4) You are 100% committed

What Makes This Program Special

I am proud to have created a program that ACTUALLY GETS YOU TO THE PRESS HANDSTAND.

You will build the strength, skill, and mobility required of the handstand press — and you’ll do it in a systematic, step-by-step (and best of all…) PROVEN way.

If you work it, it works!

Foundation Building

You’ll spend the first few weeks laying a strong and deep foundation.

It’s going be a foundation built upon:

  • core strength that originates all the way from the pelvic floor, and
  • pushing strength that builds from your hands and fingers all the way up to the shoulder girdle and beyond.


You’ll practice fundamental strength skills — like L-sit prep and L-sit, for example — designed to establish the hip flexor strength, ab wall control, and PUSHING POWER you are going to need to execute your press.

These foundational skills may fade into the background as you build your press handstand skill, but you will never leave them completely behind!

That’s because, even at the highest levels, it’s imperative to maintain and build this ground-up strength, which ultimately makes pinnacle strength skills easier anyway.

This is the reason why one student said that the press ended up just sneaking up on her one day! She’d been preparing diligently, following the program, and was caught off guard when suddenly, leaning into a pike press handstand just… happened (way faster than she expected it to)!

Now obviously results will vary, but time and again, students who follow the training schedules describe being surprised by how fast their strength multiplies.

Made for Adults

I didn’t learn how to press handstand until my late 30s. Over the years, I lost the skill — I was simply not focusing on it — and then I had a baby! So, in my early 40s, I had to re-learn the press.

Learning as an adult who enjoys yoga is an entirely different process than learning as, say, a young competitive gymnast.

Throw parenthood and aging into the mix, and you’ve got to start getting really specific about how to train, when to train, and how and when to rest and recover.

In this training, I have kept your adult body in mind, and you will not over-train. I’ve learned over the years that rest and recovery can be  secret ingredients on the path to accomplishing hard things!

For as tough as it’s going to be master press handstand, you might be surprised by how gentle — and yet crazy effective — my training is.

Stack Your Skills

In each progressive training period, you are going to see new *CHECKPOINT CHALLENGES* as I call them. They start easy and get progressively harder each week.

The thing is, their order is not haphazard. They are based on my years of teaching handstand and press handstand and understanding which postures activate which muscle pairings.

If you keep up with the weekly challenges, you will find yourself executing puppy press, tuck press, straddle press, and pike press handstands.

And if you DON’T keep up, you can always repeat a week (many have had success with this approach). Either way, your strength is going to multiply.

Never Boring

I have kept things so straightforward and streamlined that you might find yourself salivating in anticipation of the next challenge.

Far from relying on the same few drills, you’ll receive brand new skills and drills to work on as the weeks progress — all carefully crafted to deliver you your press on a silver platter. That is, IF you work it!

There’s no substitute for putting the time in and no one can do that but you.

About Leigha Butler

About Leigha Butler Yoga, LBY

Hi 👋🏽 I’m Leigha Butler, long-time yogi and handstander.

I absolutely LOVE guiding people toward the strongest version of themselves. 

It never gets old to see students of all ages surprising themselves by just how strong they are. 

I took the long route to press, but you don’t have to because my 12-week press handstand program distills everything I’ve learned into an incredibly efficient and proven way to build the press. 

My greatest pride is that this is a program that ACTUALLY GETS YOU THERE. If you run into bumps and hurdles along the way, please understand that that is PART OF THE JOURNEY and I am here for you!!

If you’re determined to get your press, then I’d be overjoyed to help you out. I look forward to cheering you on.


✌🏽 Leigha


This is an on-demand program that you can take in your own time. 

You will have the option to book discounted private sessions for feedback if you would like it.

You can also reach out to me via the course comments or via Instagram @leighabutleryoga

I am alerted to every new comment, and I love to give feedback whenever possible. 

No. You can move at your own pace and take as long as you need to complete the course.

Here are a few prerequisites: 

  • You can hold a handstand at the wall for 1 minute
  • You can fall out of handstand safely 
  • You have no major injuries or conditions that will hinder your progress


If you’re not sure, feel free to ask me: info@leighabutleryoga.com

Or take this quiz:

Press Handstand Predictor Quiz

You’ll need to devote at minimum 30 mins, 5 days a week. 

Yes. This is an on-demand course. There are no live sessions.

The normal price for the course is $996. 

Occasionally, you will find discount offers, so jump on those when you see ’em. 

The skill of press handstand requires incredible determination, resourcefulness, and focus. I’d be cheating you if the price didn’t reflect the commitment it will take from you to succeed. Your full attention and effort are required!

Not really. When you log in, you’ll see that your first 2 weeks are available to you. After that, the content is dripped to you weekly. That’s because it’s important to me that you pace yourself. 

Doing too much at once can set you back. 

That said, a number of students were able to get their press much faster than 12 weeks.

From the beginning you are building strength that will apply to all presses. 

It’s organized like this: 

  • First 3 weeks focus on puppy press
  • Second 3 weeks focus on straddle press
  • Third 3 weeks focus on pike press

Of course! Many of my students are in the over-50 camp, and many have been able to achieve their press or drastically improve their handstand control. I’d love to root you on!

Feel free to email me at info@leighabutleryoga.com


Play Video about Kim Pike
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Play Video about mel pressing from blocks
Play Video about JILL press smile

“The weekly exercises were so expertly curated to guide us toward vertical that pressing up into handstand just kind of happened. I feel like it snuck up on me because the exercises prepped us so well without me even realizing it was happening.” -Kim

Nita Handstand
Nita Wall Pike Handstand
Marnie L handstand at wall

“In case you can’t tell from my incessant shares on the group page… I love your press program! ,,, Thanks for everything!!! Getting my press was one of my goals before I try to get pregnant next year… I extra love that I feel like it’s helping me prepare my body to be strong for pregnancy and labor.” -Jill 

What's Included?

What's Included Image for Leigha Butler's Press Handstand Program


  • 12 weekly PDF training schedules
  • 2 new 20-min press flows per week
  • 124 digestible lessons
  • Laser-targeted anatomy lessons w/ crystal clear visuals
  • Content drips weekly and then you have it for life
  • Everything you need to unlock your puppy and straddle press handstands!

Another amazing student💪🏽


Enrollment for the press course is currently closed.

Will re-open: summer 2024

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The bottom line is, if you’ve been stuck on your handstand press journey, this is your chance to get the guidance and support you need to finally make it a reality.

The gift of yoga

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