Jan 17, 2021

Hi friends, This one felt great to make, and I hope it feels just as amazing for you. When I got to savasana, I felt like I could stay there forever, sipping the Beyond.

Dig in to your potential for flexibility — especially in the legs, hips and spine. Use internal heat & strength to open safely and powerfully. Create shifts in the body and mindscape with progressive movement, including: core work; splits; chin-stand scorpion; a handstand drill; and, as always, feel-good flowing!

Love to read your comments btw!

4 Responses

  1. Still one of my favs!! I love how I feel after this one and it really helps my outer hips, which are always so tight. ❤️

  2. Thank you Leigha!
    this is one of my go-tos now.
    I had no idea I could bind in the standing twist (on one side)
    Glad I gave it a whirl!

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