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A new class each week, just $9.99/month 

Every week of the year, I release a new yoga classabout an hour in length.

The beating heart of this offering is a style of Vinyasa that opens your every angle and floods your internal channels with life force.


I LOVE your videos! I am working my way through each one. Thank you so much, can’t wait for the next!

lby, leigha butler yoga membership

Challenging Vinyasa plus a range of classes and levels

The primary offering will be the calming but challenging Vinyasa flow that you have come to expect from me, but you will also find beginner-appropriate, gentle, yin and advanced asana practices here and there.


Your classes are incredible. Please make more! I love them all.  

lby, leigha butler yoga, membership

  What you get

For much less than a single drop-in fee, you can take four ad-free, HD classes a month.

You’ll have access to the growing library of weekly releases, so these are practices you can do again and again.


This is one of the best flows I’ve ever had! Epic.  

lby, leigha butler yoga, membership

How much is this exactly?

Membership is $9.99 a month and renews automatically. Cancel your membership any time. No hidden fees, no prompts asking you to upgrade.

Simplicity is a MAJOR VALUE of mine, so this is the only membership level I’m offering.


I feel sooooo calm and relaxed and just in a good place!! Thank you for just being on this earth and saving my day!

Become a Member, leigha butler yoga, membership