Moving from the Heart

What does it mean to move from the heart?

💫To move from my heart means to move from the place of knowing that lies beneath the desires of my ego and the chatter of my mind.

💫 It means to move in a way that is authentic to my own body and its needs, accounting for its history, its sensitivities, its strong & weak spots and not someone else’s.

💫 It means to move always toward healing, not away from it, despite how alluring the non-healing can sometimes be.

💫 To move from a place of deep listening — that silent, vulnerable, uncloaked part of myself that can hear the universe’s messages without the white noise of my own desires.

💫 To move with humility, gratitude, & awe without dimming my own light because someone else might feel some way about my shining.

💫 To move without attachment to outcome.

💫 To move in service without resentment but with delight.

💫 To move from love.

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Moving from the Heart

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