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Dec 22, 2019

Hey, Love Warriors,

A strong end to the year!

Flowidity is a word my co-leader and I accidentally uttered during this year’s teacher training program. The group liked it so much they made us a t-shirt.

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Dec 22, 2020

When you’ve been doing for a long time, it doesn’t necessarily make you sweat every time. Not that it has to. Yoga’s benefits are its lengthening, strengthening, and breath/mind balancing.… Read More “Sweat”

Upper Backbending

Healthy backbends span the whole of the back. Naturally kyphotic (or rounded), the lumbar spine is often the last to become mobile in extension (backbend) exercises. This class pays special attention to guiding your backbend upward, freeing the heart, and creating healthy, natural movement for the whole spine.… Read More “Upper Backbending”


Use your socks to dig deep into your core. Build whole-body strength by gliding back and forth through your arms. This practice takes you step-by-step through jump-through and jump-back practice, giving you chances to stretch and recover in the wrists, shoulders and neck.… Read More “Socks!”

Gratitude Flow

Hi yogis! Having a gratitude practice is one of the most essential ways one Harvard professor, Tal Ben Shahar, says we create our happiness. This flow carries you through the body’s major ranges of motion and is imbued throughout with a sense of thanks.… Read More “Gratitude Flow”

Internal Heat

When the heat can’t be found externally, it’s got to come from within. Generate your own internal furnace with the help of bandhas and core work. Stay protected from injury as the season shifts, and draw upon your inner fire to maintain potency and creativity through the winter.… Read More “Internal Heat”

Sweet Heart

We reduce tension, breathe deeply, stretch the face, and draw awareness to the internal gaze before taking a strong flow that emphasizes big, safe heart openings.

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Flow through the Chakras

One of the really special aspects of the chakra system, which ultimately culminates in liberation, is that each energy center builds on the next. In this practice, we move through the chakras in order — establishing, stimulating and balancing each one before we move to the next.… Read More “Flow through the Chakras”

All the Things

Here’s a practice for every week. The aim is comprehensiveness. We begin with grounding and pranayama; move the body through many of its angles; and then finish with some spinal-extension help from the wall.… Read More “All the Things”


Having a sadhana (personal practice) means devoting yourself to something bigger than you. That may mean something subtly different for each of us. Yoga becomes our way to center and condition in order that we may serve humanity & all life in exactly the way we are supposed to.… Read More “Devout”

Fertility Flow


All creation is the child of fertility — babies, yes, but also songs, paintings, poetry, solutions to problems, and all great ideas. Ever notice your best ideas happen when you’re at ease?… Read More “Fertility Flow”

An Unfolding

Yoga polishes off that which we are not. Behind the accumulation of conditioning, memory, thought and defenses, we are each radiant beings — at one with all that is. This and all of these practices help you metabolize the gritty stuff so that what remains is the shiny gem of your spirit self manifest.… Read More “An Unfolding”

Flying Lotus

In addition to begin an inspiring and epic electronic artist, Flying Lotus, in the context of our yoga channel, is a chance to make use of your anti-gravity superpowers in combination with the traditional and iconographic asana, padmasana.… Read More “Flying Lotus”

Throat Chakra

What if opening your throat chakra changed everything?

This practice pays special attention to your throat chakra, our center of communication, by toning it, lengthening it, and making use of vocalization.… Read More “Throat Chakra”

Goddess Power

Embrace your powerful strength, tempering it with humility and grace in this warming flow that celebrates Goddess energy. Simultaneously powerful and luscious, this practice takes you from deep standing shapes, twisting, balancing, and a wild thing variation into funky pincha mayurasana and chakrasana practice (We execute this challenging backward roll of the Ashtanga lineage 4 times, slowww-ly).… Read More “Goddess Power”

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