Apr 18, 2021

“Liquid” — This practice moves steadily and gracefully along, deepening as you go. Find balancing, backbending, strengthening drills, and more. There’s a focus on compression work, which necessitates use of the hip flexors and hamstring mobility. At the end, we release the psoas (on your request!) using a block and then do some prone backbending aided by a block. 


Splits, handstand press walks, handstand wall drill, creative entry into shoulder stand, inverted lotus opportunities, headstand, backbends, heart opening, bow pose, bekasana assisted by a block, and meditation.

Have a great practice and stay in touch!

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  1. So excited about the 90 day course! I’ve been on the verge of handstand & forearm stand for so long, I’m so excited to commit to sticking it.

    Loved the press walks in this class but can’t help but feel like I’m not engaging my muscles correctly. I’m dreaming of wrist taps but it takes all of my effort to get my feet a few millimeters off the ground and then thunder down like a buffalo!

    (Love me some side-planks :))

    1. Hi Colleen! If you’d like to hear more about the program, you can view my presentation at: https://apply.leighabutleryoga.com/presentation47588578

      Members: You can skip the other hoops, like the application, but please know that there’s an investment involved, akin to a teacher training or week-long retreat, so give your finances consideration before you schedule a session. Here’s the link to my calendar if you’d like to schedule a strategy session(when you’re ready): http://apply.leighabutleryoga.com/schedule-a-call47588580

      1. Hi Leigha, I did try scheduling a session through the link you posted, but it says there are no times available?

  2. Hi Leigha. I loved this class. The slow flow transitions are something I work on and have gotten better at. And I love the inversion opportunities. Compression is new to me, so I have work to do there. I agree with the comment about the lack of side planks. Those really wear me out. Thank you!

  3. This really undid the knots in my upper ribcage/back! Thank you so much! It also brought home how inflexible my wrists are after years of knitting. The presses are hard for me, though I noticed more movement in my hip flexors afterwards. Love your classes!

  4. Loved today’s practice as it was so freeing. I can’t wait to hear more about the new course as I could use some one-on-one time to deepen my practice–and finally nail a handstand!

    1. Aha!! Handstand goals! // Loving the word “freeing” so much. It’s what I’m after every time I hit the mat — glad it translated for you.

  5. I am Wowed again! I love your vast knowledge base especially when you refer to the movement of “energies” and “untying of knots”. I really appreciate the pranayama and meditations. Thank you.

  6. Very challenging and fun!!! The press walks are still a struggle for me, but, as with anything in yoga/life, the more I practice, the more I see progress. Thank you Leigha!!! Hope you and your family are feeling better after last week!

  7. This is my new favorite. I’m going to revisit this often. I loved the floats, the deep hip flexor stretches, and the inversions. I also love that there were no side planks. I’m trying to save my wr

    1. Diane! I am thinking of all the side planks you’ve been subjected to as a subscriber. I’m very glad you persevere even though they’re clearly among my favorites. Glad you enjoyed!

  8. Loved this practice so so much, Leigha! And I cannot wait for more info on your 90-day course!! 🙂

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