Apr 4, 2021

You’ll find some pleasant holds in this steady class that injects some flying surprises, like 1/2 Crow/1/2 Tittibhasana. Peacock variation, and handstand opportunities. Creative hip opening to close.

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  1. Great class as always Leigha.
    Having to find compassion with myself instead of frustration when I could not get into those lift offs but tried to practice my crow(only just but its getting there!)
    Found my calm in savashana wit legs up on the sofa, super comfy xx have a great week xx

  2. OMG I just found out I can float in peacock! Thank you! 🙂 One question for people with breasts though: do you hook your arms on the outside or in between your breasts for peacock? I end up squeezing them uncomfortably either way… any feedback is very much appreciated! 🙂

    1. I put my arms lower down on the abdomen to avoid the breasts! Not sure if that is the correct alignment or not, but it doesn’t seem worth proper alignment to squish the boobs 😀

  3. love, love, loved it. quite challenging and FUN. learned the Humble Warrior muscles all over again. My whole body is awakened so. thanks!

  4. This was a good class, one that I found very challenging. Arm balances are not my strong point, so the pratice was good. Your suggestion to “be honest” was well placed. Thanks!

  5. challenging !
    had a request..possible to have a link to the tutorials you’ve done so far in the ‘category’ section?
    after getting stuck with the arm balances in today’s class, i wanted to practice a ‘break down’ of the pose.. and I know you’ve made some great tutorials for YouTube. would be easier to access those videos from LBY.:)
    thanks again for the joy you bring !

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