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Supple and powerful... for life.

Leigha Butler has been sharing her love of yoga and movement for over a decade — through her celebrated classes on YouTube, via week-long body & spirit retreats, and in her studios, both online and in person.

Radical radiance is the name of the game. Since each person experiences movement differently, Leigha encourages body awareness and deep respect for one’s own sensations and signals. There is always room in her classes to explore the shapes in a personal way, deepening or lingering when appropriate and slowing down or backing off when called for.

It’s an intentionally designed blend of parameters with the permission to own your movement and head in the direction of your own most life-giving practice. Members appreciate being guided and empowered at the same time. 

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Sustainably Your Best.

Leigha’s approach is decidedly kind on the body, though don’t mistake kind for “easy.” Long-time fans and members rave about the challenge that Leigha’s classes offer and often describe taking their practice farther than they’ve been able to go with other approaches.

Leigha delivers a carefully orchestrated balance between treading softly and pushing one’s boundaries.

Drawing upon her deep and ongoing study of the human body, Leigha takes care to warm and activate muscle groups before asking more of them. What results is development of peak personal strength without the usual pain and strain along with peak personal flexibility without the usual overdoing it. 

Leigha is far more interested in how you FEEL than in what you can do or what you look like while you’re doing it. The ability to execute Instagram-worthy pinnacle poses is often the cherry on top or a happy side effect of your journey to pinnacle health. 

LBY is about sustaining your strongest, most mobile self well into your elder years. Students tend to range from their 20s to their 70s, and Leigha especially loves hearing from septuagenarians who describe feeling better and stronger in this decade than perhaps ever before as a result of steady practice.

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Your Brain on Flow.

Time and again, practitioners describe the sense of ease, peace, and lightness they derive from LBY classes and Leigha’s style of guidance. Whether it’s anxiety, an overactive mind, or other uncomfortable mental-emotional states that cause suffering, students tend to experience a shift during these practices — often one that lasts for days.

As a lifestyle, LBY (“Love Being You”) is a practice of moving toward ultimate health and away from that which hinders it. For this reason, the implications of each session go beyond the practice room. That’s because, when body and mind are in alignment, choices shift. And when choices shift, life shifts. 

After some time with a regular practice, it’s not uncommon to find yourself walking headfirst into opportunities you had a premonition would show up. It’s not necessarily mystical (though who’s to say), it’s just that you’re in alignment with what life wants for you. Exactly where you should be. 

The one essential prerequisite to the kind of alignment described above is a quiet mind, and the method in this case is Leigha’s unique guidance, which is crafted to point you back to yourself:

Empowered. Wise. And ready to embrace the gifts life wants to grant.

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The gift of yoga

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