May 2, 2021

I really thought I’d never call a class “Juicy,” but that sums up how I felt when this practice was through. 

This flow emphasizes balance and offers up some creative fare, like: neck ‘therapy’ to begin, feel-good flowing, and press practice for headstand, forearm stand and handstand. 

For those with stubborn hamstrings, we do some myofascial release for right under the sitting bones using just a block. 

Hope it feels great! Have an awesome week, and stay in touch. 

10 Responses

  1. As someone who only does the final resting pose as long as you do it recorded, I’m so glad this one was longer! Thank you, as always!

    1. Then applause for sticking through it all the way! Haha. Totally funny how rest can seriously be the most challenging thing we do.

  2. Tears of joy, love and gratitude were flowing from my eyes after this practice. Rarely do I get emotional after classes but this left me so buzzed physically and mentally I couldn’t even contain it! I am SO THANKFUL for you and your amazing teachings. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to do what I can do now. This class was challenging but I flowed through it with such ease, grace and strength and I have you to thank! FANTASTIC, Leigha!! Thank you so much for everything. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. That was some joyous juice!
    I am learning to ignore my ego and celebrate the moves I CAN achieve and appreciate what I have to work towards.
    Thankyou as always Leigha

  4. I really loved this practice, as it was the perfect medicine for my body today. I was challenged again with the press practise, but do feel there is some slow progress :-). I love the fascial work in the neck, especially after a few months of online teaching. my neck needs some extra care. I love your yoga classes, and always look forward to Sunday when you release a new class. They are true gifts t myself. xx

  5. Greetings from the Cayman Islands! First time leaving a comment. This was an amazing flow, I’m with you every Sunday morning. This practice was incredible, your yoga is like medicine to my body. Thank you for doing this for us all over the world.
    Best wishes, Andreea

  6. I think I just stretched muscles I didn’t even know I had. Feel like I was just reborn 🙂 absolutely amazing flow! Didn’t even realise how badly I needed to release all the tension in my neck and back. Thank you, Leigha!!

  7. This was well needed this morning. All of the fascial work in the neck, hamstrings and beyond always gets my body feeling its best. My doctor has recommended fascial work for around the vagus nerve in the back of head and upper neck for migraine relief, and looks a lot like your instruction at the beginning of the video. This kind of self-administered treatment works better than anything else for headache relief I have encountered…. It kinda works like an emotional therapy too, doesn’t it? Thank you <3

    1. It really does. It’s such a good feeling to know that if you put the time aside to care for yourself, you’re capable of initiating your own healing in many cases. I’m glad some of it hit the spot today!

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