Joint Stabilization

Nov 10th, 2019

This practice stabilizes major joints — in particular, the hips and the shoulders. We also tap in to the strength of the deep core to create safe, practical, and sustainable movement.

In the colder seasons, the body doesn’t have quite the gliding malleability and end-range comfort it did in summertime. Even if you’re in a tropical climate, your body is likely picking up on the subtle coolness and dryness in the atmosphere. This is a time when it’s easy overdo it.

In this class, you are guided through active stretching to keep muscular engagement as you lengthen. This protects your joints, keeping them warm and supported by their encasing structures. It’s a wise practice to return to if you ever feel like you’ve over-stretched.

Despite the attention to detail, we are still able to have a fluid, moving flow.

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