Internal Heat

Nov 24th, 2019

When the heat can’t be found externally, it’s got to come from within. Generate your own internal furnace with the help of bandhas and core work. Stay protected from injury as the season shifts, and draw upon your inner fire to maintain potency and creativity through the winter.

3:34 calming / balancing pranayama
6:50 movement begins
9:30 first downward dog
11:50 sun salute a
15:10 funky sun b w/ balance & 3-legged vinyasa
18:16 hamstring stretch
19:50 first standing sequence
23:10 handstand
30:30 fallen triangle
30:45 side plank variation
31:05 wild thing
32:42 glute medius strengthening sequence leading to headstand press instruction
38:10 sequence leading to forearm stand press
40:15 pigeon
42:00 seated sequence
55:15 glute bridges and backbend
56:20 yin hold – bananasana
1:01:30 savasana

Planking, core throughout

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