Flowing yoga that challenges & delights.

Take a new 60-min flow every Sunday. Access 200+ practices.

Practice pinnacle poses like handstand, the splits, and backbends… with zero stress.

Shock yourself by how strong you become. Enjoy yourself in process. 

Make bliss such a repeatable  habit that it becomes your default state. 

Whoever said “no pain no gain” hasn’t met us.

See… True yoga is available to you in every moment.

Many happy LBY members have witnessed firsthand that you can be in a state of clarity and joy-filled ease WHILE you build the strongest, most well-rounded yoga asana practice of your life.

We don’t rush things here, nor do we belabor them. We move in what I lovingly call “body time,” smartly and safely building internal warmth and activation so that our best practice can blossom. 

You just have to be willing to carve out/fight for/hell, demand at least one hour per week. 

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Join a global community taking Leigha’s uplifting, soulful & transformative classes daily.

14 days free, then $9.99/mo. Cancel anytime.

I've tried many yoga subscriptions before. Only your flows combine strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. I finally found the platform that I can say, 'Yes, this is the one!'
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Powerful whole-body flows.

Flood your every angle with life force. Most classes are well-rounded, whole-body practices because I want your experience to be complete. Occasionally we’ll break down specific poses and body parts. 

14 days free, then $9.99/mo

What students are saying

The monthly subscription is 100% worth it for anyone wondering. Thanks for all you do to keep us healthy and sane!
Nicole Vitello
Your website... has completely changed my practice and life. I can't believe it's only ten dollars a month!
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Aaron John Higgins
I belong to Alo Moves as well... and even with the hundreds of options on Alo, your membership is still my favorite. I look forward every Sunday to see what you've posted. I love how you break things down and always incorporate adventurous poses.
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Chelsea Sheehan

Community support.

Set goals, share your insights, and stay accountable on our private forum.

No risk. Cancel anytime.

Transform. Transcend.

Hour-long classes so that you can process, build, and move through stuck energy to come out vibrant and clear on the other side.  Occasional “short cuts” when you’re on the go.

No risk. Cancel anytime.

Next-level practices...

Earth-level guidance.

You’ll feel empowered and encouraged as you uncover new layers of your practice.

No risk. Cancel anytime.

14 days free, then $9.99/mo.


Don’t like it for any reason?

Cancel anytime.

Love it? Awesome!

You’ve just joined one of the most supportive, upbeat communities on the interwebs.

Your practice is going to flourish.

14 days free, then $9.99/mo. Cancel any time.

The gift of yoga

3 plans offered through the holidays only!