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Intermediate to advanced level Vinyasa practices that do not rush.

200+ Practices

About Leigha Butler

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I began sharing my love for yoga 15 years ago on my YouTube channel.

Millions of views later, the three most common refrains I would hear from viewers were:

  1) “Thank you for not speaking too much…” 

  2) “Thank you for teaching challenging poses and transitions…” and 

  3) “Can you please offer longer classes?” 

Leigha Butler Yoga the membership site is an answer to that last request.

I have offered a new 60-min class every Sunday on this membership site since the Fall of 2018 without exception. 

Take the new weekly class — released on Sundays. Plus, dip in to the entire growing library of practices. 

What's the practice like here at LBY?

"I view my job as getting out of yoga's way. I relish the fact that this isn't about me.
It's about you, and it's about the practice."

You Can Expect:

  • Whole-body sessions
  • Moderate, intermediate + advanced-level Vinyasa
  • Classes that DO NOT RUSH
  • Some pinnacle pose classes
  • Occasional Yin sessions
  • A spacious, well-balanced approach
  • Enjoyment as you uncover your greatest potential for power + ease
  • Inspiring, fun classes that take you to new heights

What You Get:


  • Access to the entire library of 200+ practices
  • A new 60-min practice every week
  • 20-, 30- & 40-min sessions for when you’re short on time
  • Huge discounts on journeys and programs as they are released, like: 14 Day Journey to Handstand 
  • An opportunity to connect with other LBY members via the comment feature in the membership portal
  • A crisp new search + filter functionality

Join a global community taking Leigha’s soulful & transformative classes daily. 

14 days free, then $18.99/mo.

What students are saying

I've tried many yoga subscriptions before. Only your flows combine strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. I finally found the platform that I can say, 'Yes, this is the one!'
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The monthly subscription is 100% worth it for anyone wondering. Thanks for all you do to keep us healthy and sane!
Nicole Vitello
Your website... has completely changed my practice and life. I can't believe it's only ten dollars a month [for the annual plan]!
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Aaron John Higgins
I belong to Alo Moves as well... and even with the hundreds of options on Alo, your membership is still my favorite. I look forward every Sunday to see what you've posted. I love how you break things down and always incorporate adventurous poses.
lby yoga testimonial chelsea
Chelsea Sheehan

A Hello, from Leigha Butler

Next-level practices...

Earth-level guidance.

You’ll feel empowered and encouraged as you uncover new layers of your practice.

14 days free, then $18.99/mo.

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