highest purpose

May 23, 2020

Beginning with dirgha breath counting, we move into a flow that has at its heart the determination to enter a flow state that gets us out of our own way in order to access inner knowing. Highest Calling reminds us to check inward and listen to the guidance coming both from inside ourselves and from the external world in the form of signs and hints. On its surface, it’s a playful flow that strengthens the muscles of pressing — into headstand and forearm stand, for ex. Underlying the postures though is a deep invitation to lose yourself, have a blast, and in so doing access intuitive direction.

Find an emphasis on core and shoulder strengthening, all-angles flowing, the arm balance koundinyasana, and jumping through. Do you feel like you are clear on your purpose? I’d love to know! Keep the conversation going on the Forum &/or on Instagram.

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  1. Hi Leigha. I loved the strong flow in this class, the inversion opportunities, and the fabulous leg stretching at the close. I smiled at your comment about the building construction noise. A few years ago I had classes two mornings a week at a studio above a bakery. Halfway through each class, we were overwhelmed with the aroma of bread baking. Now, that’s a distraction!

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