Mar 28, 2021

Get ready to take class as though you were at your local studio. This week, you join my in-person students and Zoom class as we strengthen the ab wall and fine tune its relationship to the psoas. Expect a steady pace and targeted core work with a focus on creating healthy movement patterns and even… longevity!

Next week we’re back to my LBY studio.

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  1. Hi Leigha! Thank you for this different vibe this week! As someone who has a strong history of in-studio classes and who hasn’t experienced one in over a year, this was a sweet comfort. Hearing the breath, the exertion, the commentary… it was like I was there with you all and I barely took notice of the less-sophisticated sound quality. I mean, it sounded like it would if I was there on the floor with people doing people-y things around me– glorious! As well, another strong and useful practice from you. You are a gift. Thank you for all you share with us. Namaste.

  2. Hi Leigha. I enjoyed this class a lot. I just recently returned to in studio yoga myself, so being (virtually) in your classroom and seeing/hearing other yogis was nice. It gives some context for your other videos. Thanks for another great class.

  3. didn’t know what to do without your leading the postures… distracted by other students breath work…

  4. didn’t know what to do without your leading the postures… distracted by other students breath work…

  5. Wonderful class! A bit hard to hear you at times, but the sequence was great and I learned quite a bit about my hip flexors! Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you so much Leigha! I’ve enjoyed your classes for years and am happy to be a recent member to your membership. I actually didn’t mind the recorded Zoom class bc it makes me nostalgic for actual sounds of collective breathing within a class besides my own. In NYC we have not gone back to in person teaching yet and I am a bit trepidatious about going back to teaching indoors. As such, it was nice to see you navigate those waters in such a calm and supportive way. Thank you again!

  7. What a treat! I felt like I was in a class at your studio… Loved it! Next best thing until I make my pilgrimage from New Mexico to your New York studio to practice in person:)

  8. Namaste . That was wonderful leigha! Sorry….I’m really quiet over here, but I have been doing your videos daily/faithfully since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Thank you so much for your guidance and light!

  9. Good morning Leigha I very much enjoyed this class. I’ve been practicing off and on for years, but never in a studio. Too intimidated probably. I liked how personal it was. Plus my back has been bothering me and the roll up things seem to have helped. Thanks so much.

  10. Hi Leigh, thanks for clarifying that this is not the way you are gonna post your Sunday video from now on. As you mentioned, the sound quality is not as good, especially when you can hear some guy’s breathing sound so clearly throughout the whole practice, in addition to his cough and giggling sound occasionally. looking forward to next Sunday’s video. Thx

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