from your ROOT – Mula Bandha Exploration

Apr 21, 2019

Beginning with a thorough explanation of mula bandha — including how to do it, why & when — this practice connects you to your fundamental stability and strength, morphing into one of the more playful flows I’ve offered in a while (If you want to jump right into movement, begin at 9:05). The practice sails from a fluid flowing standing sequence into shapes like Koundinyasana 1 & 2, Fallen Triangle, Wild Thing, and Headstand B with Crow. It’s a complete-feeling practice that ends with Wheel and some hip openers.

A longer-term goal that I’m building us toward together is foot-behind-the-head pose (Eka Pada Sirsasana), and you’ll see some warming up toward that goal here. If you already put your foot behind your head, then this class (and this season) will invite you in deeper. If you feel far, far away from that shape, you can still approooach it with no pressure, gaining the hip-opening benefits along the way.

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