Flying Lotus

Sept 22, 2019

In addition to begin an inspiring and epic electronic artist, Flying Lotus, in the context of our yoga channel, is a chance to make use of your anti-gravity superpowers in combination with the traditional and iconographic asana, padmasana.

We get right to it, beginning in downward dog, but nothing is rushed. We move through a warming, strong-legged sequence that prepares the hips for entry into lotus.

You’ll end up exploring lotus in:
a vinyasa
side plank
tripod headstand
& an arm balance.

And yet that’s not all we do. We take advantage of the body’s heat to take on shapes like:
super soldier
forearm stand
a fun & challenging transition from wheel to pincha mayurasana
titthibhasa to crow
and many feel-good shapes along the way.

The whole while, we keep things in perspective, moving in a steady, soft and powerful way. Namaste.

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