Dec 22, 2019

Hey, Love Warriors,

A strong end to the year!

Flowidity is a word my co-leader and I accidentally uttered during this year’s teacher training program. The group liked it so much they made us a t-shirt. And it makes sense. We’re in search of a fluidity in our movements, in our breath, and in our head space as we flow from one asana to the next. There’s a certain je ne sei quoi when you get it right. It’s like you’re transported to another world, where time is suspended, healing takes place, and you’re permitted to drink from the fountain of joy.

This practice brings you from core work to a fluid flow to continuing work on directing our backbends into the upper back. You’re invited into handstand hops, grasshopper arm balance, asta vakrasana arm balance, a funky twisted-bound transition, some general gushy-ness, and a well-rounded closing.

THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!! Stay in touch, and don’t hesitate to jot down some of your goals for 2020 in the comments if you’re looking for accountability-buddies. 😀 Can’t wait to hear from you. May 2020 be joyful and abundant for you.

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  1. Hi Leigha
    I’m from the future April 21 /2021 🙂
    this practice was so much fun, So glad I found it
    greetings from Puerto Morelos Mexico Gracias!!!!

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