Flow through the Chakras

Nov 3, 2019

One of the really special aspects of the chakra system, which ultimately culminates in liberation, is that each energy center builds on the next. In this practice, we move through the chakras in order — establishing, stimulating and balancing each one before we move to the next. At the end of the practice, we take a seated meditation.

The pace is super mindful, almost a slow flow at first. At about 20-minutes in, we really get moving, eventually (calmly) tackling such shapes as forearm stand with lotus (You can of course always feel free to skip, insert your own inversion, or pause the practice and bring it to the wall in these moments.).

It’s a funny practice in that it seems like it’s going to be uber gentle — and in some ways (psychologically? pace-wise?) it is — but we definitely manage to sneak some heat and challenge in there.

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