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Why become a member?

  • Do you love yoga classes but sometime just need the flexibility to take a class at home?
  • Do you love strong Vinyasa classes but don’t feel the need to rush or push yourself to the max every time?
  • Do you want to learn from a teacher who is steeped in the philosophy and spiritual aspects of yoga but who has nothing to prove and no agenda to push?
  • Do you want to do yoga for the rest of your life so that you can stay strong and supple, calm and centered for as long as humanly possible?
  • Do you LOVE and crave the release of the feel-good hormones that a great, grounding + expansive yoga class can give you?

If so…

You’ve come to the right place.

Honor your body. Liberate your soul.

Join a global community of yoga lovers taking an hour or more of luscious, feel-your-absolute-best yoga every week of the year — right from their homes.

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Leigha Butler Yoga — or LBY for short — is beloved by members.

“Your practices have allowed me to feel super comfortable in my own skin and super grounded. I highly recommend subscribing to LBY…”‘

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Hi! I’m Leigha Butler.

Way back in 2011 when I had just earned my yoga teaching certificate, I saw that almost NO ONE was offering long-form yoga content on YouTube. Without much of a plan, I had the simple idea that I could offer what others weren’t: really good yoga instruction that you could follow along with.

I had no idea that that simple idea would change the course of my life.

Many moons later, after building and selling brick and mortar studios, developing teacher training programs, running retreats all over the world, and expanding my family… I had another idea:

If I can offer yoga in my community as a studio owner, couldn’t I offer yoga to MANY MORE PEOPLE if I brought my paid services online?

That was the birth of Leigha Butler Yoga the membership site, all the way back in 2018. 

By the time the pandemic hit, LBY was already running strong, doing exactly as I envisioned: breaking the barriers of space and time by allowing people to connect with me and my yoga from wherever, whenever. It’s been a dream come true. 

What’s so special about LBY?

I can only tell you this.

I believe that conveying this ancient lineage to a modern audience is the reason I came to the planet. When I am in the flow of teaching, I feel like I am just stepping out of the way and allowing the teachings to flow through me in as clear and generous a way as the Universe will allow.

When I enter the flow of teaching — and that includes training teachers, coaching handstanders, guiding meditations, all of it — I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be, making the best possible use of my particular combination of skills and gifts.

The students who appreciate taking yoga with me are diverse, but almost all of them describe feeling more…

  • grounded
  • strong
  • expansive, and
  • supple

…when they take class on LBY.

  • These classes are strong but they’re not obnoxious or aggressive.
  • You’ll get into every nook and cranny and feel like a changed person when you’re done with each class offering.
  • You’ll transmute your “meh” mood into an “ahhhh yesssssssss” when you expand from the heart and free stuck energy.
  • You’ll feel like you’re doing gentle yoga but you’ll suddenly realize that you’re in a side plank with a leg contortion you never thought you were capable of.
  • You’ll explore all the “advanced” yoga poses but you won’t get hurt or feel like an ego-maniac in the process.
  • You’ll heal old wounds and free up space both bodily and mentally.


Why do you only open 4x a year?  

I LOVE working closely with the amazing people who run my membership platform, Memberful. The experts at Memberful have observed that, time and again, when sign-ups are open perennially and without a break, a couple things happen:

  1. Would-be students are NOT INSPIRED to make the choice to enhance their lives by signing up. It’s too easy for them to procrastinate because they know that signing up is always a possibility. 
  2. Current students don’t fully appreciate or understand the VALUE of what they’re participating in. It’s too easy to take the membership for granted. 


By limiting my sign-up periods to seasonal cohorts, I get to really listen to and work with each group. My classes and offerings get to shift according to the needs and input of each seasonal crew of members —and I LOVE THAT! It gives me a chance to work with my members more closely.

When sign-ups are limited, students are:

  1. Inspired to take action + sign up because they know they will derive joy and benefit.
  2. Likely to understand the value and opportunity of working closely with a seasoned and dedicated teacher who cares deeply about service to the greater good.
  3. They’re LESS LIKELY to take their OWN PRACTICE for granted and will commit to a regular, soul-satisfying practice.

“What about making yoga an accessible and non-exclusive practice?” you might ask.

And I agree. That’s why I offer a regular short-form yoga class on YouTube. I like the idea that anyone in the world can dip into the healing and invigorating goodness of yoga any time thanks to that platform.

So what do you get with LBY?

The big promise is one 60-min yoga flow every week of the year.

This season, based on member feedback, I have also been offering a “short cut,” which is a 30-45 min version of the weekly class so that members can enjoy the class even if they’re short on time.
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A fresh 1-hr flow every week

What students are saying lately:

“Midway through this practice… I suddenly felt flooded with gratitude…. I am so so grateful for your consistently grounding and invigorating practices, Leigha.”

“Thank you so much for another abundant and beautiful practice!”

“I loved how this class opened all angles up and allowed the energy back in like liquid…. Feeling wider now, more open, nourished.”

“Thank you for being my teacher in yoga and in life!”

Those on the waitlist will be notified the next time LBY is open for signups.

If you feel called, inspired or curious… then you know what to do.

Chapasana Yoga Flow