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Jan 31, 2021

Cover some territory in this simmery class. Efficiently warm the major joints before exploring bigger angles, like split, chinstand, and one-legged handstand press practice (from a block).

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Dec 13, 2020

Despite the mellow tone, we cover quite a bit of territory in this week’s practice! From Nauli to forearm stand to a challenging arm balance transition we open & strengthen from the inside out.

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locust flow

Oct 17, 2020

Hop right to it in this steady, strong flow with lots to play with. The idea is to respectfully access deep inner reserves.

Expect: Locust vinyasas, side plank variations, balancing, eagle, koundinyasana arm balance, forearm stand, pincha, splits, wheel, drop back and stand up

How are you doing?

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July 25, 2020

Begin in a cocoon and end up expansive and transformed. This is a relatively mellow but well-balanced practice that offers an especially deep stretch for the legs and gradually warms you up toward a pinnacle King Cobra.

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Handstand Play – Flow

This class offers some handstand practice in the midst of mindful flowing. It also visits with forearm stand, side plank, pigeon, and backbends.

King Dancer

In this backbendy practice, you’ll build responsibly and fluidly toward a pinnacle shape, king dancer (Natarajasana). You’ll visit with “flip the grip,” a way to bring your foot toward your head, from all fours and then in pigeon pose before finally executing it in dancer.… Read More “King Dancer”

Feel Amazing

This flow breaks the rules, eschewing conventional structure & beginning with a totally intuitive warm-up. It progresses into out-of-the-box sequences that make use of binds and leg & hip openers. You are led into Bird of Paradise, an accessible arm balance, forearm stand, spinal movements and the gamut.… Read More “Feel Amazing”

Side Plank B

This flow progresses patiently into its pinnacle pose, Vasisthasana B (Side Plank B), beginning with smart, accessible shapes that prepare you to enter the full posture. You’ll visit a central sequence several times, deepening it and adding to the challenge with each pass.… Read More “Side Plank B”

Compass Pose

Compass Pose asks for suppleness in the hips, hamstrings and heart. This class prepares your body for the comfortable expression of this glorious shape. Compass Pose also reminds us to listen to our deepest inner wisdom, sharpening our capacity to act according to intuitive knowing.… Read More “Compass Pose”


Find the Half Moon variation Chapasana (AKA Sugarcane) in various ways: 1) conventionally, 2) without hands, 3) and in Side Plank. That’s not the only focus though. Find freedom in all the major joints and engage your core with this complete-feeling practice.… Read More “Chapasana”

King Pigeon

This yoga class responsibly prepares you to enter the backbend King Pigeon.

It is a well-rounded class that places special emphasis on opening your heart and your hips.

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