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Jan 3, 2021

We explore themes of radiance and strength in this week’s practice, beginning with core work and traipsing into handstand press walks, twists, and creative prone heart opening.

I’d love to hear how you do with it!

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a great exhale

Dec 27, 2020

We exhale 2020 and use every muscle in the body to do it. Start with some serious wrist care and core work, and then fire the muscles of pressing — with headstand, forearm stand and wall-handstand pressing.

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Dec 22, 2020

When you’ve been doing for a long time, it doesn’t necessarily make you sweat every time. Not that it has to. Yoga’s benefits are its lengthening, strengthening, and breath/mind balancing.… Read More “Sweat”


Use your socks to dig deep into your core. Build whole-body strength by gliding back and forth through your arms. This practice takes you step-by-step through jump-through and jump-back practice, giving you chances to stretch and recover in the wrists, shoulders and neck.… Read More “Socks!”

Core Ignition

This Vinyasa flow targets your deep core in a powerful way. After a steady warmup, it progresses into an arm balance sequence and reclined core work. You’ll also break the “jump through” into its component parts to build toward that pinnacle.… Read More “Core Ignition”

Highlight Your Core

This mindfully paced Vinyasa class highlights the core while providing whole-body opening and engagement. It’s not a tough-as-nails type of core workout, it’s a feel-good flow that happens to offer opportunities for core activation and stabilization — creating healthy movement from the inside out!… Read More “Highlight Your Core”

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