Feb 21, 2021

Energize from the bottom of your lungs, and move intuitively to expand through every recess of the body. When you get right down to it, every muscle can be an accessory muscle to breathing. Flow at a moderate pace, and be invited to try moving from astavakrasana arm balance to one-legged crow (or not!). Get some sweet psoas opening. You’ll also find here some specific cuing to free tight hamstrings.

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  1. Hello Leigha, this class was lovely. I really enjoy how you are starting to incorporate yin postures into your classes. This was another great one!! I cannot wait for the end of lockdown and the start of Leigha Butler retreats…. 😉
    Be well,

  2. Love love LOVE the website changes! Especially the comment feature so I can share how awesome every single class is that you post! The hamstring openings are just what I needed this week and I’m definitely going to come back to this one regularly.

    One question: when you do the side body stretch in straddle, should both sit bones be on the ground? When I reach over towards either foot the opposite sit bone likes to pop up off the ground. Not sure if this is good form or not. Just curious!

    Thanks for everything, Leigha!

    1. Hi Elise, That depends! It is very natural for the hip to come up, and most of the time I’d say, let it. If you’re looking for a bug opening for the side of the rib cage and the possibility of keeping the heart very open, this pose just FEELS GREAT when you let the body do its thang. That said, one of my favorite adjustments to give in this pose is to anchor someone’s hip down for them. If you’re needing a stretch for the lower side waist and even upper-outer hip, keeping the hip down may help you. It’s a little tough to do solo. // Best all-around bet is to mix it up and see what you gain and how you feel with both methods. … Thanks for your comment and have an awesome day.

  3. Hi Leigha, this was a fabulous class, very challenging yet relaxing. And the new website is great also. Thank you!.

  4. Thanks so much, Leigha! I always enjoy your classes! This was a good one as I recently had my gall bladder out and needed a gentle stretch in front. I really enjoyed the QL focused classes a while back. Anytime you want to circle back to those, it would be great! Appreciate you!!!

  5. Yay! The new website set up is great! Really excited to get stuck in to this weeks class after my hiit workout. Thanks Leigha! Love all the way from the UK

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