May 3o, 2021

Heart opening, whole-body effort, and continuous flowing feature in this practice from the heart (At the very end we break down scorpion handstand practice a bit). Find an opportunity to fall into wheel from handstand if desired (and of course to skip it if not!). I hope you have as much fun practicing this one as I had making it 🙂

Arm balance sequence: flying lizard to 1/2 crow to tittibhasana and back; camel poses, wheel, scorpion chin stand, scorpion forearm stand, scorpion handstand

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  1. Wow, I was really grateful for that pigeon after the flying lizard — challenging but fun! Thank you for another wonderful practice as always, Leigha! Have a wonderful week everyone

  2. Wow! That was great! With such a heart opening, wheel is getting easier and easier for me! Still working on all of the arm balances, but I know it will come with time and your guidance! Thank you for being a consistent beacon during this past year and into the future. You have a wonderful spirit!

  3. Thank you! This is my new favorite. I love the challenges. I respectfully went to places in my practice treat I have never been.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi Leigha. This is a wonderful practice, really full bodied. The scorpions are fun and challenging and camel and pigeon are my favorite poses. I really love the heart and throat opening that camel offers. Thanks!

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