10 Ways to Cultivate Calm in a Chaotic World

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Minds

Calm is at a premium right now. Maybe it always has been. It’s no surprise that mental health issues peak in times of global crisis — and as of this writing, we are facing more than a few.… Read more

Love you, Dad

Dear friends,

What a harrowing week it has been. If my countenance in this week’s practice does not look particularly chipper, it’s because I forced myself to the mat while I traveled to and from the ICU where my father was admitted this past Tuesday morning.… Read more

My Labor & Delivery Story

Hey there.

I’m writing on a personal note today to share the story of how my little family came to be. It’s not a yogini’s mystical tale of a birth so magical it bordered on orgasmic. It’s not even what you might call a “positive birth story,” except that, in the end, my baby landed on my chest healthy and oh-so-loved — so in that way, it’s positive beyond measure.… Read more

I’m Having a Baby!


Hello friends,

I’m writing today on a pretty personal note just to share that my partner Joe and I are expecting a baby! We are elated, and we expect our little munchkin to arrive somewhere around the end of January or early February, 2019.… Read more

Handstand Tips – Answers to the questions you’ve asked

Here’s a post answering some of the questions you’ve asked about handstand.

Handstand Tips

Where do I gaze? 

Draw an imaginary line between your pointer fingers and envision at dot right at the middle. This gaze point is neutral enough to not strain your neck but forward enough to keep your body aligned over your hands, something that takes practice.… Read more

The Emancipation of Being Wrong

Do you know someone who can never be wrong? Maybe you know many people who harbor this common quirk.

Maybe that person is you.

I’m going to put it right out there that I am someone who is sometimes wrong. Let me say that again because it’s such a liberating, though oddly difficult, revelation: I am capable of being wrong.… Read more