When she was five years old, a ballet teacher told Leigha’s parents that she was “too wild” to attend structured classes. 

So she’s spent most of her life learning to dance to her inner teacher. 

Fuller story below:

Hi. I'm Leigha.

I’ve been a YouTube yogi since 2011. I’m also a former studio owner, teacher trainer and retreat leader who’s made the full-on jump into digital teaching and won’t be looking back.

My work is to guide you into an unfiltered experience of yourSELF with pulp — the grit and the joy alike.

In 2011, I was a recovering grad student and adjunct professor who’d recently discovered that the more regular her relationship with yoga, the more everything seemed to fall into place. 

It was with hunger for these transformative and uplifting effects that I turned to YouTube for more instruction.

(We’re talking about a time when you could find only TWO yogis who were uploading regular fare — and even those were brief tutorials or classes that weren’t the challenging variety that I craved.) 

What else was a gal to do but start sharing herself?! 

handstand tips

I hardly remember what I was thinking at the time, but I do recall hooking up a microphone and using an old family camcorder to record my first instructional video from my apartment. 

My purpose wasn’t clear, and it would be many years before I understood just how powerful the medium was for sharing. Still, I was delighted to see that people were following along and appreciating the content from the earliest days. 

So much has happened since those first recordings.

+ Quitting my gig as an environmental lit teacher… 

+ The opening (& recent sale of) my yoga studio… 

+ Becoming a step-mom…

+ Losing my dad 😢

+ The birth of my son…

…And what do you suppose formed the backbone and background through all of it? 

You know it. 


leigha butler fam

My love for it and my respect for it have only intensified. 

As my focus on my own practice has grown, my purpose has come into clearer view: 

Today I am honored and thrilled to be offering yoga in two formats—

The weekly hour-long flows on my member site that stimulate peace, vitality and adventure. (Learn more about the LBY member site here.)

And my Body Mind Mastery 12-week program w/ live coaching that helps people all over the world come together to take their practice to the next level. (Learn more here.)

Nice to virtually meet you. 

Stay in touch.