Mar 14, 2021

I’m pleased to share this flow that is exactly as the name says… A bit of everything. You’ll start with pranayama, finish with meditation, and in between you’ll strengthen and open the entire body. By request, we begin with some sun salutes (Hi, Jos!); but I couldn’t help but veer from tradition with them. You’ll be invited into a modified koundinyasana arm balance, a pincha floating preparation shape, some compression cues, and more.

The PACE feels moderate but challenge definitely lives here. Can’t wait to hear how you do with it. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. A little bit of everything is just what I needed after this week. Thank you for the meditation at the end, too — this is always welcome!

  2. I loved the meditation at the end! Towards the end of the practice I was thinking about how I was going to do it on my own, so it was nice that you happened to include it. Thank you!

  3. Like always, just what I need it, thank you so much for all the tips Today I was able to make my first side crow ever. 🙂

  4. Great practice, quite challenging after a week pause post vaccinated covid. Thank you Leigha, it makes me feel reborn.

  5. Wow soft and powerful! Amazing….. in savashana I felt a wave of emotion and it hit me hard. Is this common?
    Thank you xx

    1. When you’ve really succeeded in arriving at a rest state for the brain, it is VERY common to experience deep / true / healing emotion. It’s as though it’s been there buried all along, but it takes a level of vulnerability / passivity / receptivity to uncover the layers. It sounds like you were processing something, and the release of emotion helps it move through you to make room for a bit more freedom and/or whatever is next for you. // Whenever I see people shedding a tear or feeling deeply, I offer them a congrats! It’s not as easy as one would think to get raw & open enough to really feel what we need to feel. And when it’s waves of awe or gratitude, it means you were tasting *samadhi,* the overwhelmingly beautiful and simultaneously terrifying experience of absolute freedom. I’m glad for you!

  6. Lovely! Great arm balance play and the hip flexor strenghening / compression work is much appreciated. I feel that it is mostly lack of strength there that still keeps me from getting closer to that pressing… thank you also for the meditation at the end.

  7. Thank you for the QL love! Also loved the arm balance practice!! I still get my feet hung up when trying to jump through. Hmph, but I will get it! Practice, practice, practice. An awesome, solid class that left me floating. ❤️

  8. The QL release was incredible! I loved it. Also, I rediscovered how different one side body is from the other. Question: Kalapabhati breath, do you inhale and exhale when pumping or just exhale ? I always run out of air.

    1. It’s an intentional exhale and a passive inhale. When you’re doing it well, you won’t run out of air at all. Try taking a big, deep breath and filling up before you begin. Then slow it down to see what could be inhibiting the comfortable exchange. Let us know what you find out!

  9. Sweet like honey. Lots of love in this practice. Especially enjoyed the hang time in each pose; true fascia openings felt so good. Thank you, LBY! Namaste!

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