I am thrilled to announce my...

Yoga Alliance-registered 200-hour Online Yoga Teacher Training.

Earn your 200 hour yoga teaching certificate with this deeply supportive, highly organized, and experiential training program conveniently delivered in both on-demand and live formatting.

leigha butler yoga registered yoga school

Do you want to deepen your yoga practice and learn how to incorporate the tenets of yoga into your daily life? 

Do you feel called to teach yoga but feel like an online training just sounds more suitable and realistic for your schedule?

Have you been looking around at all the available programs and feel overwhelmed and uncertain about which ones are quality? 

Are you looking for an online YTT program that will actually keep you motivated, engaged, and accountable with deep and rigorous study each week?

Do you want to graduate with the feeling that you are incredibly, unshakably CONFIDENT and PREPARED?

is this yoga teacher training for you?

You may be in the right place!

For the lonnnnnnngest time, I didn’t want to offer an online YTT — even though people were requesting it — because I wasn’t 100% sure I could replicate the palpable magic of an in-person experience. 

But it finally dawned on me. 

online ytts are here to stay

The way people do yoga has changed. 

The way I do yoga has changed. 

Online yoga is here to stay. 

And so is online learning. 

leigha butler lunge pose smile

In case we’re not acquainted…

Hi! I'm Leigha Butler.

I was one of the first yogis who took to the internets way back in 2011 to start offering what almost NO ONE was offering at the time — long-form Vinyasa yoga classes to follow along with. 

To my surprise and delight, people loved it. And even though I wasn’t posting consistently at the time, I amassed millions of views (before viral was a word, I tell you!).

Over the years, I have…

—run and sold yoga studios,

—led teacher trainings,



—yoga retreats,

—deep-dive online courses,


hosted my beloved yoga membership site, Leigha Butler Yoga.

But qualifications don’t mean ANYTHING if a teacher doesn’t imbibe the real teachings of yoga per its ancient roots and lineage. 

That’s why my training will never ever be the “sexiest” training on the block.

If you’re wanting to jump right into arm balances (I feel you… they’re fun as hell), this simply isn’t the training for you.

So what IS the training like? 

best online yoga teacher training

Look, 200 hours isn’t a lot of time. 

If I’m going to set you up for success, I have to help you lay a strong foundation in things like:


→ the history + true purpose of yoga

→ pranayama, the breathing practices

→ asana + sequencing

→ anatomy + alignment

→ meditation

 I could go on...


It’s like… You’ve got to learn how to paint before you become Picasso, you know?

EVENTUALLY you get to riff and play jazz. 

But first we dig and pour concrete.

student qualifications for online yoga teacher training

First of all...

We’ve got to vibe, you and me. If you aren’t familiar with the way I teach yoga, please go and take a handful of my more recent YouTube classes

It’s important that you resonate with any teacher you’re going to work with, and I don’t want you to sign up for this training only to find out that you’re not a fan of my guidance. 

Who else is this for?

prerequisites and qualifications for online teacher training program

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

course information online yoga teacher training

8 weeks

Plus plan for 2 buffer weeks at the end in case of emergencies.

I’ve got a pre-schooler at home and illnesses are basically a given! Plus, I know things may come up for you too. Let’s assume we have a window of 10 weeks to accomplish our work.

on-demand content + live observation calls 

Study the online modules when it’s convenient for you. Replay as often as necessary. Attend live calls whenever humanly possible, but they will also be recorded for your convenience.

support, discussion, and practicum

Participate in our private community hub to discuss texts and hook up with teaching practice partners. 

full-on engagement + progress checking

You’ll be taking weekly quizzes to make sure you’re up to speed on the material. You’ll also practice teaching, provide classmates with feedback, and keep a home-practice log. 

My central, guiding purpose here is to help you feel impenetrably CONFIDENT upon graduation. In order to get there, you’ll have to show up along the way.

online yoga teacher training focus

history, philosophy + sutras


asana, sanskrit + sequencing

anatomy + alignment

meditation + personal sadhana

energetics, like chakras

experience + practicum

teaching methodology

Plus Additional Topics:

inclusivity training

trauma-informed yoga

prenatal teaching

the business of yoga


Upon Completion:

Those who complete the required coursework will emerge as confident, well-prepared yoga teachers who are ready and qualified to teach group and private yoga sessions both online and in-person. They will graduate with a Yoga Alliance-approved teaching certificate in hand.

online teaching training frequently asked questions


Yes, if you’d like to!

Many people feel like they have gaps in their learning — whether it’s an understanding of the ancient texts, anatomy, sequencing, or anything else. 

This course provides a comprehensive foundation in all of these topics. 

That said, you might look out for my future 300-hour. Anticipated in fall of 2024 or winter 2025. TBA.

You’ll need to carve out about 10-20 hours a week or 1-2ish hours per day on average in order to meet the course requirements. 

Yes! Upon completion, you’ll be able to register as a 200-hr RYT (registered yoga teacher).

No! I am proud of the rigor of this program and intend only to unleash well-prepared yoga teachers out into the world! The course will naturally keep you accountable as you go; however, you will need to do your part to submit practice logs and course materials in a timely manner as well as demonstrate competency during your practice teaching sessions and in the final exam.

Part of the reason I keep the group size so small is that I want to have frequent touch-points with each and every trainee. I don’t want you to fall off any more than you want to. That’s why I will do everything in my power to keep you accountable. Ultimately though, the outcome is in your hands. 

Let’s talk about this on a call together. Fill out your application and schedule a short meeting with me to make sure we can make this work for you. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Assuming you complete all of the course requirements and earn your certificate, then YES! Absolutely! Go make the world a better place!

$2,200 USD is the regular price.

Early bird enrollment is:

  • $400 off by Jan 30th, ($1,800)
  • $204 off by Feb. 13 ($1,996) 


Timed payment options with me are: 

  • 2 payments of $920 by Jan 30
  • 2 payments of $1,018 by Feb 13
  • 2 payments of $1,120 after Feb 13 

Yes, you can make two monthly payments or you can use Afterpay to pay on your own schedule.

I accept credit card, PayPal, and Afterpay.

Live group sessions will take place 2 times per week. Plan to attend at least 1 of the weekly sessions: 

Tuesdays 9:30-11:30am EST

Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm EST 

I will also hold office hours:

Fridays 11am-12pm EST.

Since we are living in the wild, wild west when it comes to online trainings, I have set the goal to be a pioneer among teacher trainers. I pride my program for its rigor, comprehensiveness, and uncompromising quality. It is my intention that Leigha Butler Yoga be regarded as a credible institution of online learning known for its integrity.

I envision a future wherein yoga is accepted as an alternative medical therapy covered by most insurance plans. In order to make that a reality, we must insist on creating highly regarded, high quality, rigorous programs that prepare teachers exceedingly well. 

My primary goal (as stated above) is to help you feel CONFIDENT and PREPARED upon graduation.

Training is offered once per year. The next session begins Feb 27th, 2024

More Details:


A highly engaging, “high-touch” online learning experience w/ a community integration that prepares students to confidently teach and sequence Vinyasa yoga classes both online and in person. 


The format will be 8 weeks of comprehensive, highly organized online modules along with 2 available live calls per week. All calls will be recorded and uploaded into the course for those who can’t make it. The live calls are where students will practice teaching for feedback, and I will also hold weekly “office hours.”  Attendance at 1 live call per week is required.

Dates 2025 TBA

application for teaching certification course

Because I work so closely with my trainees, I am strictly limiting the group size each year. I fully expect the training to sell out, so if you’re interested, I encourage you to fill out an application soon. 

Leigha’s YTT is CLOSED for 2024.

Join the waitlist below to be notified when enrollment reopens in 2025. 

The gift of yoga

3 plans offered through the holidays only!