Would you like to feel incredible?

Get a new 60-min flow every Sunday.

Calm ~ Challenging ~ Yoga

A new 60-min flow every week of the year.

Join a worldwide community of students taking class each & every week.

Get access to the growing library of 100+ ad-free classes.

Set goals, share your insights, and stay accountable on our private LBY forum.

"I've tried many yoga subscriptions before. Only your flows combine strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. I finally found the platform that I can say, 'Yes, this is the one!'"
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Powerful whole-body flows.

If you appreciate Vinyasa that is peaceful at the same time that it is rigorous then this is the subscription for you. You’ll find mostly intermediate to advanced-level classes plus a few Yin and Gentle classes. 

You’ll also get occasional “short cuts” — quicker versions for when you’re on the go.

"The monthly subscription is 100% worth it for anyone wondering. Thanks for all you do to keep us healthy and sane!'"
Nicole Vitello

Take a peek.

Wonder what it looks like on the other side of that Become a Member button? Here’s a look!

"Your website... has completely changed my practice and life. I can't believe it's only ten dollars a month!'"
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Aaron John Higgins

Not sure if we're a good fit?
Try my short weekly classes on YouTube.

If you already like my style of teaching and like the idea of a weekly hour-long class — or even if you just want to support the effort… Let’s be real:

The risk is low! Don’t like it for any reason? Cancel any time. Love it? Awesome! You’ve just joined one of the most supportive, upbeat communities on the interwebs. Your yoga practice is going to flourish.

You can cancel at any time.

"I belong to Alo Moves as well... and even with the hundreds of options on Alo, your membership is still my favorite. I look forward every Sunday to see what you've posted. I love how you break things down and always incorporate adventurous poses <3'"
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Chelsea Sheehan

My final word: If you’re unsure if you’ll like it, reach out to me personally at info@leighabutleryoga.com. If I don’t think you’ll be a good fit, I will tell you so. The best way to know? Try it out!

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