A new class each week, just $9.99/month 

Gain access to a new yoga class – about an hour in length β€“ every week. Plus access to the entire growing archive of practices.
The beating heart of this offering is a style of Vinyasa that opens your every angle and floods your internal channels with life force.

I LOVE your videos! I am working my way through each one. Thank you so much, can’t wait for the next!


leigha butler yoga


Challenging Vinyasa plus a range of classes and levels

The primary offering will be the calming but challenging Vinyasa flow that you have come to expect from me, but you will also find beginner-appropriate, gentle, yin and advanced asana practices here and there.

Your classes are incredible. Please make more! I love them all.

lby, leigha butler yoga, membership

What you get

For less than a single drop-in fee, you can take four new ad-free, HD classes a month.
Plus you’ll have access to the growing library of weekly releases, so these are practices you can do again and again.

This is one of the best flows I’ve ever had!


lby, leigha butler yoga, membership


How much is this exactly?

Membership is $9.99 a month and renews automatically. Cancel your membership any time. No hidden fees, no prompts asking you to upgrade.
SIMPLICITY is a major value of mine, so this is the only membership level I’m offering.

I feel sooooo calm and relaxed and just in a good place!! Thank you for just being on this earth and saving my day!

How do I join? 

Click any of the “Become a Member” links. It’s a one-step process from there.

What if I want to cancel?

Cancel any time by clicking off auto-renew. Your membership will finish out for the month and then it won’t renew.

I got up off the mat and I experienced an incredible feeling of lightness, as if I was light as a feather, thank you.

I feel grateful as I am improving so much with your guidance. I can feel open in my shoulders, thoracic spine as never before, leg behind head feels easy and slowly slowly I can do king pigeon for the first time in my life.

leigha butler yoga

I have done yoga for several years but your classes make a big difference. I love how you make them accessible. I never feel any strain… you teach and prepare and open the body with an ease and grace

About Leigha Butler

leigha butler yoga

Hi, I’m Leigha.

My heart’s longing is to share peace in the only way I know how: breath by breath, interaction by interaction.

Since yoga helps me to stay grounded, spacious, and easy in my being, I feel drawn to share it.

You can find free yoga on my YouTube channel where I’ve been sharing classes and tutorials since 2006.

You can take weekly hour-long classes with me by becoming a member on this site.

You can read some of my (mostly yoga-related) writing here.

What else to know…

I eat a plant-based diet.

I’m a step-momma of two and the mother of one little boy.

I co-run two yoga studios in Kingston, NY, 90 miles north of NYC.

Lately, I have been able to dedicate more and more time to heart projects like this blog and video production.

I am grateful every day that teaching this ancient practice has put food on my family’s table and shelter over my head. My hope for you is that you feel whole and joyful in as many moments as you possibly can.

About Leigha’s classes

Leigha’s yoga classes encourage deep body listening. She emphasizes fine-tuning sensory awareness and plugging in to instinctual knowing in an effort to clear the mind, ease the body, and liberate the spirit.

Her teachings are steeped in the great spiritual traditions, many of which inform her personal inquiry and practice.

Leigha Butler Yoga Dancer Natarajasana

Leigha has co-created the comprehensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training that she and Jacquelyn Nash conduct each year.

She has also been building a library of free online classes on YouTube amassing over 3 million views and a community of gracious, supportive students across the globe.

She and Corinna Ricard-Farzan co-lead Be Love: Return to Intrinsic Rhythm, a meditation and yoga immersion held every other year. Be Love is a mission to spark and nurture spiritual warriors and selfless servants far and wide.

Little Love Letters | Testimonials

A grounded soul. A poetic head. A playful body. A very wise perspective…. Fresh, full of energy, with an old-school understanding and very rooted in the earth with her head in the sky. -MG

Emotionally gentle, physically challenging. -PB

Magical yoga. -TS

Thank you Leigha! Just love your commentary and your way of explaining, making space and letting go …. takes my yoga to a different level. Love xo -Tina’s Raw Alkaline Diet

Leigha, I’m loving all your practices. I used to exercise every other night, but since finding your videos I’m now motivated to fit in at least a 15 minute flow every night. They are challenging. I often fall over, and they always make me laugh. And I feel so much better for it! Thank you πŸ™‚ -Elizabeth Bowman

What I like about Leigha Butler is that she will push you to the full capacity of your potential and each time you get better and better, stronger and more flexible. If you can’t do what she’s doing don’t worry! In time you will get closer and closer! … Thank you Leigha for sharing. I watch your videos several times a week and you have taught me how to do so many things that I couldn’t do before. -Dawn Cooke

Soft but powerful. -Lee Morgan

The reason I’ve started using your videos as a guide in my own home practice is because I’m learning to find ease and space during the practice that I hadn’t before. Which is what yoga is all about. But as I see it here, it’s clicking a bit more. Especially in held poses, as tho there’s room to sort of walk around within the body. There’s so much space being created and learning to relax within it, so much more graceful and easy room. Hard to describe in words! -Rabbit Bandini