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If so...

you're in the right place

The thing is…

Yoga is a sacred process by which you encounter your own true nature.

With a regular, devoted yoga practice, the pieces of you that are NOT you fall away. 

What you ultimately discover cannot be conveyed in words. 

It’s why the ancient seers called it “unknowable,” “infinite,” and “divine.” 

With practice, you learn firsthand that:

You are a localized expression of the Universe.

If we were to make the mistake of doing the poses and the poses alone, we’d be missing the point

Yoga as it was meant to be practiced is a process of unveiling yourSelf TO yourself. 

That’s why we start with the outer layers and work our way in. 

My classes may appear to be “just asana,” but long-time members know… 

They are infused with gold for the WHOLE BEING.

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hello about leigha

I have grown a YouTube channel, run two yoga studios, led teacher trainings, hosted retreats, and all of it has been awesome

But it wasn’t until I opened this membership portal that I felt like I was doing exactly what I am meant to be doing on the planet.

Any time I’ve stepped away from teaching yoga, it felt like I was stepping out of sync with myself.

By bringing yoga to my beloved members, I feel like I am living in alignment with my highest purpose.

And because I am not searching for what’s in it for me (that part is already done), my consciousness is free to make this yoga portal all about YOU.

I am elated when I think of “L-B-Y” not as “Leigha Butler Yoga” (cuz yawn)…

But as…

love being you

As a long-time teacher of yoga’s philosophical texts, I am not afraid to honor the purpose for which yoga was designed:

 —to help you align with your SOUL

Through the vehicle of a simmery strong Vinyasa, my aim is to help you unveil your Self layer by layer. 

To the casual observer, we’re doing some simple — if steamy and yummy — yoga moves. 

But to the student who has stuck around for a while, what unfolds is a powerful process.

A process of healing. 

A process of inquiry.

…of empowerment.

…of softening.

…of opening.

…a process of discovery

The insights can be breathtaking.


SO MUCH YOGA focuses on the physical and the visual…

without sinking its teeth into the deeper aspects of this path.

SO MUCH OF THE YOGA that DOES sink its teeth into the spiritual aspects…

perpetuates an unhealthy power dynamic that…

makes you fall for the idea that you must trust EXTERNAL AUTHORITIES more than the authority of your own soul.

Let’s reclaim the internal compass

TOO MUCH YOGA is agenda driven. It’s about a certain guru, a certain set of beliefs, a certain way of doing things —

as though one way could really be the only way.

Let’s respect what works but ultimately be guided by our inner knowing.  

Here at LBY, I operate with the assumption that...

your own best guide

My work is to point you back to yourself.

I am adept at doing this without beating anyone over the head with dogma, too much talking, or a holier-than-thou way of being.

As a guide and teacher, I am totally and utterly MYSELF, and I encourage you to be unapologetically yourself as well.

This yoga is about getting in sync with the true, deep, and immutable you

It’s about remembering WHO YOU ARE.

It’s about the voyage toward your greatest potential, your highest possible evolution…

…your greatest service.

When you’re in the flow of a regular, quality yoga practice over a meaningful duration of time, it’s as though your soul smiles, urges you on, encourages you, and whispers, “Well done! You’re on the right track. Keep amplifying THIS!”

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leigha butler yoga testimonial
leigha butler yoga testimonial
testimonial leigha butler yoga
yoga membership site

Honor your body. Liberate your soul.

I am so thrilled to invite you to join a global community of yoga lovers who are taking an hour (or more) of feel-amazing yoga per week on the LBY portal.

These are yoga practices that...

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what's included in membership
leigha butler yoga logo lby with glow
testimonial leigha butler yoga
leigha butler yoga testimonial


A new class every Sunday of the week — usually these are 60 mins in length, moderately challenging, whole-body flows. Plus, you get unlimited access to Leigha’s on-demand library of over 300 classes, most of them an hour long.

Most of these are moderate to intermediate-level classes w/ the occasional advanced invitation peppered in. A lot of the practices begin slowly and deliciously before the challenge sneaks up on you. If you love it, you love it.  

If you like a fast-paced, kick-your-bum kind of challenge, this may not be for you. I love keeping it body friendly for all ages with opportunities to take it deeper if you want to. 

Primarily Vinyasa classes, but you’ll also find a few gentle and Yin classes. 

Most of the classes are somewhere between a moderate and intermediate level, so you might find them a tad challenging. That said, I love hosting strong and/or adventurous beginners. You could always try it and see. 

No. Leigha offers a Beginners Handstand course throughout the year and a 12-Week Press Handstand Coaching Course once per year. 

That depends. Many of my happiest members are long-time yoga lovers and yoga teachers with advanced practices. They have nothing to prove and they feel empowered enough to freestyle or deepen when appropriate. They also appreciate pranayama and meditation practices. 

Most classes contain some arm balances or inversions but they often aren’t the focal point. 

Some students with advanced physical practices who love to move quickly and do lots of arm balances and inversions will find that my approach is too slow. 

My classes bring nurturing warmth and superlative expansiveness to every corner of the physical body. They move at a mindful pace that doesn’t feel jarring or disturbing. These classes leave you with a tingling, uplifted sensation that makes the rest of the day feel so much more conquerable. They’re about freedom, bliss, internal awareness, and abiding connection to one’s own soul. They’re taught by a former adjunct English professor and long-time student of the Yoga Sutras, so each class is rooted in the sincere intention to connect practitioners to the most evolved version of their essential selves (i.e., the purusha or “Higher Self” or, as I prefer, “the soul.”)

Most of these classes are 1 hour long. I recommend that every member try to commit to AT LEAST a single hour once per week in order to get the most from your membership. If you can’t carve out a whole hour, then you might be happier taking my free, shorter sessions on YouTube. 

Leigha's yoga portal is currently closed to new sign-ups.

leigha butler yoga testimonial
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leigha butler yoga testimonial

The gift of yoga

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